On the Square:
Our Martinsville Office

 Downtown Martinsville Square July, 2016
Our main office is located on Martinville's historic square.

   In January of 2011, the Community Foundation of Morgan County opened its main office at 56 North Main Street in downtown Martinsville. The historic two-story building is part of Martinsville's original commercial district, which includes buildings constructed between 1847 and 1935. One of the building's early uses was a general store.

1875, Martinsville, IN Downtown Square
A glimpse of the past; the CFMC office in Martinsville as a grocery store in 1875.

   The Martinsville location has three offices, five workstations,  and two conference rooms. Most CFMC staff have a permanent work station at the Martinsville office, though each individual staff member is available for appointments at our Mooreville location.

Conference Room Use for Non-Profits

   The Martinsville office features two conference rooms available for non-profit use. Each conference room includes a table(s) and chairs, a phone capable of conference calling and a speaker phone feature, Wi-Fi, and access to two office restrooms and a kitchenette.

Fenneman Conference Room, Community Foundation of Morgan County, Indiana, Martinsville
Craig & Marry Fenneman Conference Room

   The Craig and Mary Fenneman Conference Room is our largest conference room in Martinsville, and includes a projector, screen, and laptop for presentations. This room holds fifteen to thirty individuals depending on table setup. The small conference room holds six to eight individuals.

Medium Conference Room, Community Foundation of Morgan County, Martinsville, IN

Small Conference Room                                                                                             

For availability, please contact the CFMC office at (855) 280-3095.
Our Mooresville Office


11 West Main Street in Mooresville will serve as the new location for the CFMC in Mooresville and the primary location for the Kendrick Foundation.

The new Kendrick Foundation & Community Foundation office will be located in the small brick storefront at 11 W. Main St. in Mooresville.

This historic one-story brick building originally housed a general store run by Pace Thompson from as early as 1902 to 1920. The building was briefly vacant around 1920 until Pace Thompson and his son, Walter Thompson, opened Thompson’s Auto Supply, which was open for business until 1952. Between 1952 and the late 1980s it was owned by a number of people, until Carl Crowe opened an appliance store, which operated until June of 2008.

For more information on the history of this building and downtown Mooresville, including a MP3 self-guided audio tour, please visit the Mooresville Public Library's Indiana Room and visit this link for a PDF on the history of 11 W. Main St.

Room Use Guidelines  
  • No alcoholic beverages or smoking in the building or on the property.
  • No nails, thumbtacks, pins, tape, or adhesives are to be used on walls, woodwork, doors or other surfaces in the building.
  • You are responsible for picking up trash and recycling, and turning off the lights when you leave.  A  large trash receptacle and blue recycling container are in the large conference room of the Martinsville location. 
    • Please do not place liquids in the trash can, recycables in the trash, or trash in the recycling.
  • The CFMC reserves the right to determine the appropriate use of the room.
  • The CFMC reserves the right to decline any reservation request if it does not meet our mission and vision.

By signing and submitting the room use agreement form you certify that you have read the above guidelines for the use of our rooms and accept responsibility for assuring that these guidelines are followed by the individuals and/or organization using the meeting rooms offered by the CFMC.

Room Use Agreement Form  
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Room Use Agreement Community FoundationDOC Form7/26/2016 66.06 Download