Funds at the Community Foundation  

Funds at the Community Foundation of Morgan County -- League of Miracles

The Community Foundation of Morgan County currently has more than 150 active funds under management for scholarships, non-profit organizations, and programs to benefit the community and other purposes.

The videos and WCBK radio interviews below showcase just a few of the funds administered by the CFMC.



All Funds  
Scholarship funds may be either endowment or pass-through funds, but are specifically designated for educational scholarships. Our scholarship funds benefit high schoolers, homeschoolers, and non-traditional learners.

Please visit
Scholarship Central to learn more about applying for a scholarship.
Scholarship Funds  
Pass-through funds are not permanent, invested funds, so they act more like a checking account for charitable organizations and individuals who seek to benefit the community through their generosity in the immediate future. Donations are made to a pass-through fund and do not need to reach any specific level of funding to make an immediate impact. All of the money in the fund may be drawn down by the beneficiary in accordance with the terms of the fund.
Pass-Through Funds (Non-Educational)  
An endowment fund is a permanent fund that may be in a donor's name, the name of someone a donor seeks to honor, or in the name of an organization. Endowments can be created during a donor's lifetime, or left in a will as a legacy of generosity. These funds provide an ongoing source of funding, drawing from the interest of an invested fund. This ensures that an individual or organization can benefit the community for years to come. New endowment funds require an initial minimum donation of $20,000, raised over a period of two years. These funds become “endowed” once they reach $20,000 in value. Consequently, distributions from endowment funds do not occur until $20,000 has been raised and invested.
Endowment Funds  

For more information on setting up a fund please contact
Edward Kominowski, Executive Director, to set up a meeting.

Interested in starting your own fund? Visit the How fo Create a Fund page.

We are working to create a web page for each fund to better enable online donations. If you do not see the fund you would like to donate to please contact Danie Becknell, CFMC Communications Officer, for more information.

Please note that every attempt is made for accuracy, but errors may occur. Please contact us for more information, or clarification if needed.