Fund Number: 192
Year Founded: 2016
Type of Fund: Non-Permanent Fund

 Entrance of Peace Restored in Mooresville, Indiana

Ann Madison, Owner of Peace Restored in Mooresville, Indiana





Peace Resored Operating Fund  

Peace Restored Header Image (Mooresville, Indiana)

Purpose: Peace Restored is a new non-profit organization located in Mooresville, Indiana that serves women who have experienced trauma. The organization offers these women a structured space to grow and recover. Services provided include individualized coaching sessions and services such as, but not limited to, support group sessions and educational classes, with plans to offer retreats and art therapy in the near future. 

The organization has partnered with other non-profit organizations for referrals in the area, such as Desert Rose located in Martinsville, Indiana and Churches in Mission located in Mooresville, Indiana with an office in Martinsville. Additionally, Peace Restored is involved with the Domestic Violence Network of Greater Indianapolis, which exists to support the efforts of non-profits such as Peace Restored.


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