Our mission is to connect donors with evolving community needs in order to enhance the quality of life in Morgan County. We offer a wide variety of funds that are designed to serve both current and future generations. You can also donate to one of our 150+ existing funds or directly support our work with a donation to our general operating, granting, or scholarship endowments. Funds can be created during a donor's lifetime or left in a will as a legacy of generosity. Many funds are denoted by a donor's name, the name of someone a donor seeks to honor, or the name of an organization.

Not sure what fund you’re looking for or where to begin?

No Worries.

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Permanent Funds Support Charitable Purposes in Perpetuity

The initial gift is invested for at least one calendar year, and the earned income can then be disbursed annually for the specified charitable purpose(s). Over time, the gift grows and the charitable donations can far exceed the amount of the donor’s original gift. These funds provide an ongoing source of funding, ensuring community benefit for years to come.


Non-Permanent Funds Can Immediately Support Charitable Purposes

Non-Permanent funds are not invested, so they act more like a checking account for charitable organizations and individuals who seek to benefit the community. The fund balance can be replenished with donations or spent out until the fund is ready to be closed. Gifts to these funds are tax-deductible as long as no goods or services were received in exchange for the contribution.

Why should I get involved?
Getting invovled in one of our funds helps them to promote their services, products, programs etc. Your investing in this generation to make a difference for the next to come, so on and so forth. Getting involved is making difference for measurable impact. Visit our funds page to find out who all we serve and how you can help them!
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