Impact Grants

CFMC requires all Impact Grant recipients to report on outcomes at the end of the funding period. Each organization meets with CFMC staff to identify metrics and measurement tools that can help show the ROI for each grant. This year’s grantees have identified the following goals:


Bradford Woods, $24,373 for Nutrition, Outdoor Activity, and Health (NOAH Network) Serving a cohort of 12 students and their families, desired outcomes include:

  • Participants will increase HDL levels; lower LDL, triglycerides, and fasting blood glucose levels; enhance knowledge of healthy foods
  • Participants will increase amount of daily physical activity by the end of the program
  • Participants will increase social connections and tangible support among NOAH peers



Link Observatory, $15,000 for Public Engagement and STEM ProgrammingDelivering programs to 912 students and monthly attendance of 140 people at Public Engagement events:

  • Increase attendance and engagement at Public Engagement events by 20%
  • Increase the number of female, minority, and disadvantaged students participating by 10%
  • Increase the number of students participating in our Discover Space educational programs by 15%



Churches in Mission, $10,000 for Financial Stability for Martinsville Families Serving 600 households, desired outcomes include:

  • Clients work towards financial stability: 50% attend a financial management class
  • Clients seek public options for assistance first; 75% of clients show communications with their township trustee 
and the SCCAP before applying at CIM
  • Clients seek financial assistance no more than once every 12 months; only 15% return for help early



Martinsville Arts Council, $10,000 for Sheltering the Arts Serving 2,300 individuals, desired outcomes include:

  • 80% of theater audience members experience impact on five levels as a result of attending a performance dealing with aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and caring for the elderly
  • 80% of theater and other arts experience participants will agree or strongly agree the experience added value to their involvement with arts activities
  • Work with other stakeholders (Art Sanctuary, Community Concerts, Smith Elementary Fine Arts Academy, individual artists, others) to use Community Asset Mapping tools to evaluate the impact of the arts in our community 
Project Kindness received a Capacity Grant for $176 to create sensory bottles for special education students. Volunteers of all ages helped create these bottles, which provide an outlet for energy and focus without being disruptive in the classroom.



Centerstone of Indiana, $10,000 for Parents on Board Pilot Program

Serving 20 families, desired outcomes include:

  • 90% of families will participate in a full intake and assessment at Centerstone
  • 90% of families will complete the one-day Parents On Board program
  • 80% of families will report they learned to use encouragement to foster behavioral & school success



Gleaners Food Bank, $7,000 for Bulldog Blessings Monrovia Pantry Serving a monthly average of 35 households with 70 students and an average of 1,789 meals per month:

  • Families visiting the Pantry will experience fewer instances of food insecurity
  • Families visiting the Bulldogs Blessings Pantry will experience less anxiety and worry
  • Awareness of chronic hunger has improved within the school community



Smith Elementary, $6,400 for Fine Arts Academy With arts programming for 165 3rd-5th graders, desired outcomes include:

  • Student school satisfaction improves by at least 33%
  • Behavior-related referrals to the office decrease by 33%
  • Students will increase their knowledge/use of fine arts vocabulary and terminology by 50%



Haven Youth Center & the YMCA, $6,290 for Friday Fitness: Aerobics and Aquatics Serving 30 students, desired outcomes include:

  • Students consider physical activity to be important
  • Students begin to habitually participate in physical activity
  • Students apply what they learn outside the program: 40% use YMCA facilities at least one extra time 
Ellie’s Hope, $5,000 for Basic Needs 
Providing help with safe shelter, water, and sanitation to 36 Morgan County residents, desired outcomes include:
    • Resident’s quality of life will improve at least 80%, immediately after assistance
    • 100% of residents will feel a sense of hope immediately after assistance
    • 100% of volunteers will feel a sense of hope immediately after a project 
The Morgan County Soil and Water Conservation District received a $2,000 Capacity Grant to add a solar power system to the Mobile Garden Classroom. With the help of Morgan the turtle, educators can now teach students all over the county about sustainability.



Crossing School of Business and Entrepreneurship, $6,000 for Stirrup Success Program

Serving 15 students each semester, desired outcomes include:

  • Students demonstrate growth in 8 measurable areas: teamwork, accountability, impulse control, leadership, responsibility, emotional tolerance, trust, and empathy
  • Students maintain 90% attendance rate and graduate on time with non-waiver diplomas
  • 75% of students will earn Job Training certifications and receive 90% or higher on Soft Skills Evaluation
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