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We believe all students need to learn and master the soft skills necessary to succeed in school and in life. As a result, we have developed a PRIDE program following the one created by Greater Clark County Schools that teaches and positively reinforces Persistence, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability, and Efficiency to all of our students on a daily basis from preschool through 12th grade. The PRIDE program was developed by a team of educators in cooperation with business and community leaders.


The goal of PRIDE is to build students of strong character that will not only strengthen our school district but eventually our entire community. As a culminating acknowledgment of PRIDE, we are implementing a Work Ethic Certificate that seniors can earn that will be recognized by area employers. To earn the certificate, a senior must not only possess the PRIDE skills, but also must have 98 percent attendance, have no more than one behavioral referral, have six hours of school or community service, and have at least a “C” grade point average.


What’s Next for the Students?

The Hard Skills portion of this program is called Parallel Pathways; all seniors will be required to choose along with their counselor a pathway to prepare them for working after graduation. These Parallel Pathways can range from manufacturing to welding, from nursing to tool and die. Building 2-year degrees to Ph d’s. The key is this training is geared for jobs that need to be filled now in the community. This is a partnership program between Dr. Moore and the MSD of Martinsville, the business sector, and CFMC.


What about Transportation? 

Schools will provide the transportation to the Parallel Pathways Education Building where we will have teachers, volunteers, and specialists there to teach, train and oversee the students as they learn these hard skills with equipment provided by the employers.


Who else is involved?

Currently, we have IVY Tech on board with this program and we have a verbal commitment from Vincennes University from the vocation education department along with a number of businesses in the county. Our schools do not have the money to provide this education so we have set up an Endowment at the Community Foundation of Morgan County starting with a donation of $225,000.00, as well as an in and out fund to be used as expenses are paid. Our hope is to develop the Endowment to 1 million dollars within a year so the program will be self- sustaining and long term. The Endowment is called the “Robert D Blue Jr Endowment for Parallel Pathways in Education for Morgan County” and is held at the Community Foundation of Morgan County at 56 North Main Street Martinsville, Indiana 46151. Their phone number is 765-813-0003. If you would like to invest in the future of our children and community, please contact them.


When we went to the chamber meeting in August, Parallel Pathways was the topic of discussion for the meeting. If you’re wanting more information on this program and what it means for our community.

Please click this link to our video! 


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