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Ann Haworth Memorial Scholarship Fund

Annual scholarship awarded to a Martinsville High School student ranked in the upper 1/4 of graduating class and who plans to attend an accredited college or university.  The student should have participated in orchestra and/or choir during grades 10 -12

Purpose: For a student ranked in the upper 1/4 of the graduating class who participated in orchestra and/or choir during grades 10 through 12.

History: This scholarship was established in 1999 by Mrs. Blanche Haworth and Dr. Dillon Haworth to honor the memory of their daughter Laura Ann Haworth. Ann Haworth was involved in all aspects of the music program, particularly orchestra and choir. Ann would have graduated in 1961 but tragically passed away while a student at Martinsville High School.


Benjamin Elo Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Provide support for educational scholarships for students who attend a four-year accredited public or private education with preference given to a student/athlete attending the University of Notre Dame

Purpose & Qualifications: The Benjamin Elo Memorial Scholarship provides a $5,000 scholarship to a graduating senior who has a 3.0 or higher GPA on a 4-point scale who will be attending a four-year accredited public or private educational institution. Applicants must be a varsity athlete, exhibit good citizenship in their sports activity within school, be involved in their church, and be involved in community service organizations and activities. Applicants must have participated in the Ben Elo Memorial Soccer Camp or be Morgan County residents. Students attending the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana will also receive special consideration in the selection process. Applicants must provide three letters of reference: one from a coach, one from a pastor, and one from either a leader of a community organization or someone on the staff or faculty at school. Applicants must also write an additional essay of 500 words or less on: How your faith affects how you live and the choices you make.


Freeman Goss Scholarship Fund

Provide support as directed by the board of directors of the foundation for educational scholarships, for students accepted into and attend accredited 2 or 4-year public or private institutions of higher learning

Purpose: For a deserving Martinsville High School senior who has taken business courses or been otherwise involved with the high school business curriculum

The Freeman Goss Scholarship was funded in 2008 by the Estate of Alice Goss. The scholarship is in honor of her husband, Freeman Goss, who died in 1995. The couple was married in 1947 and lived in Martinsville for many years. The scholarship is awarded to deserving Martinsville High School seniors and is awarded to encourage interest in the business curriculum at the high school


Henry E. Pearcy Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. Pearcy was a beloved teacher and served as principal of Martinsville High School for 22 years.  The Henry E. Pearcy Memorial Scholarship Fund will provide reimbursement for tuition and/or books scholarships for students graduating senior from Martinsville


History: This scholarship was established by Ruth Shane Pearcy to honor the memory of her beloved husband of nearly 60 years, Henry E. Pearcy, Sr.. Henry was a native of Morgan County, born July 21, 1922. In 1940 he graduated from Martinsville High School and married Ruth in 1942. Mr. Pearcy graduated from the Indiana State Teacher’s College with a master in Education in 1948. He was also known for his basketball ability, playing on the Indiana State team, the Indiana All-Star team, and playing for the Detroit Falcons in the NBA. During World War II he was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force and flew 33 missions over Germany in a B-24 Bomber.

Mr. Pearcy had a remarkable career as an educator, coach, and administrator, serving as the Principal of Martinsville High School for 22 years. He was active in his local community, especially at the First United Methodist Church in Martinsville. He highly valued education and encouraged many to dedicate themselves to the education profession. He was a member of the Indiana State Principals Association and was Indiana’s principal of the year in 1982. Mr. Pearcy retired in 1986. This scholarship was created to honor his memory and his lifelong dedication to education and the youth of Morgan County. 


Jennifer Tipmore Memorial Scholarship Fund

Provide a scholarship each year for a student graduating from Mooresville High School in Morgan County, Indiana

Purpose: For a student with at least a 3.0 GPA, demonstrated good character, and financial need who intends to pursue a 2 or 4-year degree at a vocational/technical school or at an accredited college or university.

History: Jennifer Tipmore was an honor student at Mooresville High School, graduating in 1999. In 2001 Jennifer passed away, and her family and friends created this scholarship to honor her memory while helping future students pursue higher education


John E. Koontz Memorial Scholarship Fund

To receive donations and other funds or property for charitable purposes.

Income from the fund will be used to provide scholarships to graduates of Martinsville High School

Purpose:  For students of personal excellence.

History: In 1995 the John E. Koontz Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of John E. Koontz, a long time teacher, and coach at Martinsville High School. John was a first-generation college student who always strived for personal excellence and had a special brand of determination. John is a member of both the Indiana Track and Field Hall of Fame and Indiana Wrestling Hall of Fame.


  The John and Mary Gilbert Memorial Scholarship

The Gilbert Fund is a permanent fund, meaning that the principal will be preserved in perpetuity by the foundation and the income from the fund will provide scholarships to Morgan County 4-H students wishing to continue their education past high school

Purpose: To provide a financial award to a Morgan County student having completed 7th or 8th grade, who is currently in the Morgan County 4-H program. The recipient will receive the award upon completion of high school and enrollment in a continuing-education program by age 21.

History: The John R. Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1999 to honor the memory of John Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert was a livestock breeder who devoted countless hours of service to the Morgan County 4-H program. An Army veteran, Mr. Gilbert instilled his patriotism in the youth he worked with during his many years of service to 4-H.


Judge James E. Harris Scholarship for Children in Need Endowment Fund

The Harris Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Judge Harris’ service to Morgan County upon his retirement in February of 1999.  The purpose of the fund is to provide educational support, either academic or vocational, for abused or neglected children


Justin & Bonita Conduitt Marley Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Marley, a former librarian at the Mooresville Public Library, established the Marley Scholarship Fund to provide reimbursement scholarships for tuition and/or books for students graduating from Mooresville and Monrovia High Schools entering vocational schools

Purpose: For students entering vocational training, the field of education, or the field of library science.

History: In 1999 the Justin and Bonita Conduitt Marley Scholarship was established to honor Mr. Justin “Jud” Marley and Bonita Marley. Mr. Marley was a long-time activist in town, civic, and financial affairs. He served on the Mooresville Town Board and was a member of the Mooresville Methodist Church, Lions Club, and the Masonic Lodge.Mrs. Bonita Marley was also a member of the First United Methodist Church for 50 years. She was a Girl Scout leader and an enthusiastic participant in Eastern Star and Kappa Kappa Sorority. Mrs. Marley served on the Mooresville School Board from 1938-1946 as treasurer and president and she served as Head Librarian for 23 of the 27 years that she worked for the Mooresville Public Library. She was honored as Mooresvillian of the Year in 1968, she designed the Mooresville Town Flag in 1974, and in 1992 Mooresville High School honored her as Alumnus of the Year.The Marleys raised two children. Most of Marley’s life was devoted to helping others, which they continue today with the Justin and Bonita Conduitt Marley Scholarship.


Maggie Grounds Scholarship Fund

Scholarship for female high school senior entering field of Architecture, contracting/building engineering, traditional drafting, architectural computer-aided design or another closely related study

Purpose: For a female high school senior entering the field of architecture, contracting/building engineering, traditional drafting, architectural computer-aided design or another very closely-related field of study.

History: In 1997, the Maggie Grounds Scholarship was established to help ensure that the young women of Morgan County had the opportunity to obtain a degree in a field of architecture, contracture/building, engineering, traditional drafting, architecture computer-aided design or another very closely-related study. Maggie Grounds is a former resident of Morgan County. She is retired after 55 years of work as an architect, then in WWII aerospace, and finally at Russell Stover. Maggie went to Purdue University and attended at least some part of the Indy 500 sixty-eight times. She has traveled to many countries and she enjoys correspondence with several former recipients

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Martinsville  Rotary Scholarship Endowment Fund

The scholarship is for students who are accepted into and attend two- or four-year public or private institutions of higher learning.  The scholarship will be awarded each year, beginning when the endowment fund has reached its principal goal of $20,000

Purpose: For students who will attend a 2- or 4-year higher education institution.

History: The Martinsville Rotary Club is an international service organization with a motto “Service Above Self,” aiming to serve the world and the area in and around Morgan County with various service and philanthropic projects to help their neighbors and friends.


Meaghan Buis Memorial Scholarship Fund

Meaghan was a scholar, an athlete, and a leader at Eminence High School and in the Eminence community.

The Meaghan Buis Fund will provide scholarships to graduates of Eminence High School who have participated in the basketball program

Purpose: For a student with a minimum 3.2 GPA who has participated in the Eminence High School girls or boys basketball program.

History: The fund was established in 2004 by Jeff and Gena Buis to honor the memory of their beloved daughter, Meaghan Buis, who passed away on July 4, 2002. Meaghan was a graduate of Eminence High School where she was a standout athlete, a 4-year member of the Lady Eels basketball team that won the regional championship her sophomore year, and a member of the volleyball team. Meaghan was also an incredible student. She was a member of the National Honor Society, graduated with honors, and was a student at Indiana University majoring in Biology with hopes to become a Pediatrician. She was an active member of the Eminence community and the Eminence Christian Church.

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Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Memory of  Dr. Julia Foster


For students with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA who intend to pursue a career in the medical field (open but not limited to medicine, pre-med, nursing, physician assistant studies, physical therapy, radiology, respiratory therapy, etc.).


Julia Foster, M.D. was deeply respected by her peers in the medical profession, by all those whom she cared for and treated, and most deeply by her loving husband, son and a host of admiring family and friends. Julia’s informed and always other-directed compassion provided and will continue to provide a model of heartfelt caring and the best of the medical profession to all who knew of and benefitted from her unique spirit and humble, yet clearly superior skill. Julia’s uncompromising care for her family was an inspiration to her husband Jeff, to her child whom she loved so deeply and to all who were privileged to witness her life in the service of others.

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Mooresville Kiwanis Curry Overton Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarship for tuition expenses, awarded each year to student(s) from Mooresville and Monrovia and the surrounding areas; award amounts may increase accordingly as the income generated from the fund grows

Purpose: Preference given to students from Mooresville and Monrovia and the surrounding areas. Preference to students selected to Kiwanis “Student of the Month” and students who have participated in service projects. Applicants should exemplify living by the Golden Rule and have earned a GPA of 2.5 or greater


Never Too Late Scholarship Fund

Scholarship for tuition, books and/or equipment to an adult over 30 yrs old who is returning to school to pursue a high school diploma, GED, associates, bachelors or graduate degree

Purpose: For a Morgan County resident who is at least 30 years old, who is returning to school to pursue a high school diploma, G.E.D., Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or graduate degree. Preference is given to applicants with financial need, clearly defined educational goals, long-term career or personal objectives, and community involvement.

History: The fund was established in 2003 by Pauline Amy. Pauline wanted to honor the educational achievements of her beloved friend Carol Smile, who went back to school after raising her family to earn her G.E.D. and then to earn her nursing degrees. Pauline was inspired by her friend’s courageous attitude and decided to open up a scholarship fund. Pauline prepared the “Never Too Late Cookbook” and the profits from the cookbook are contributed to the scholarship each year.


SSG. Wm. Ryan Fritsche Memorial Scholarship Fund

Educational scholarships for students accepted in 2 – 4 year public or private institutions of higher learning

Purpose: For a student with at least a 2.5 GPA who exhibits good character and citizenship and is interested in public service work, such as law enforcement, medical work, social work, child services, etc. Additional references and essay required.

History: William Ryan Fritsche was a life-long Morgan County resident. At the age of 23, he was killed in the line of duty on July 27, 2007, in Kamu, Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. This scholarship was founded in 2008 by Brandi Fritsche, Ryan’s wife, and Volitta Fritsche, his mother. The Fritsche family started this scholarship to continue Ryan’s legacy of service and leadership in the Morgan County community. The scholarship provides funds for students enrolled in courses leading to careers in law enforcement, medical work, social work, child services, and other public service careers. Ryan was a Staff Sgt. in the U.S. Army who joined upon graduation from Martinsville High School in 2002. He was awarded the Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, a NATO citation, an Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon, and the Combat Infantry Badge for his exemplary service


Stierwalt Scholarship Fund

The Stierwalt Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarships for students graduating from Eminence High School or a high school in Morgan County who wish to further his/her education at a college or university in the State of Indiana

Purpose: For a student with proven moral character and a high-class rank who intends to further their education at a college or university in Indiana.

History: In 1974, Anna K. Stierwalt’s Last Will and Testament bequeathed the dividends of some of her stock to a scholarship fund through the Community Foundation of Morgan County. Anna and Claude were former residents of this area who wished to help further a student’s education.


Ted and Berta Romine/Monrovia Masonic Lodge #654 Scholarship Fund

To provide a $1000 scholarship each spring for a male or female senior of Monrovia High School who wishes to pursue an education in a trade school.  Special 300-600 word essay explaining their goals after school

Purpose: For a student who wishes to pursue an education in a trade school or technical training area (ex: auto mechanics, law enforcement, healthcare, nursing, or electronics). A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required. Preference is given to students who explain their goals after school and why they chose their area of study. Preference is given to students with financial need.

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