Your Story. Our Morgan County.

The Haunting of Waverly – Town Park Provides Safe & Scenic Halloween Fun

Volitta Fritsche found “Count Dracula” and suggested he change his diet from blood to milk.

To kick off CFMC’s “Your Story. Our Morgan County.” which shines the spotlight on individuals and organizations making a positive impact in the community, we stopped by Old Town Waverly Park last Saturday night to find witches, vampires, ghostbusters, and a headless horseman entertaining ‘trick or treaters’ and their families.

Through the community partnership of Morgan County Parks and Recreation, Waverly School PTO and Harrison Township Fire Department, The Haunting of Waverly had over 100 people in the park for “Trunk or Treat” goodies, hayrides, hot apple cider, a bonfire, and haunted buildings.

Goodies galore, for both kids and adults, were found during “Trunk or Treat”.

It takes money and manpower to keep our parks maintained and if we want our future generations to experience quality time outdoors, the Parks and Recreation department can use your help.

“It’s important for all of us to get involved in our community because it’s what God wants us to do,” said Sherill Awbrey, one of several volunteers dressed as a witch. “When we’re serving people, it lets them know we care about them, and they’ll want to do the same for us.”

Special thanks to people like Kenny Hale, Volitta Fritsche and the numerous volunteers who made the first Haunting of Waverly a huge success!

The Headless Horseman was looking for, well, you know, but didn’t find it when he stopped this little girl.

Old Town Waverly Park is one of several parks in our area where families and friends gather together for celebrations, picnics, exercise, or a place to get away and enjoy the seasons of Indiana.

At CFMC, we’re thankful for parks and recreation leaders who have a vision for enhancing quality of life in Morgan County while preserving historic areas, such as Waverly Town Park. We’re proud to be their philanthropic partner by helping them raise money, thank donors and manage their account fund.

Here’s your chance to get involved and make a positive impact for our community.  Go to our website,, and donate to the MC Parks and Recreation Fund. Every dollar counts. We thank you in advance for your contribution.

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