CFMC Brief: Giving Towards Long-Term Solutions

Community Foundation of Morgan County Leading the Change in Philanthropic Giving

We at the Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) want to change your way of thinking and investing when it comes to giving your hard-earned dollars. We believe money isn’t the world’s greatest resource, it’s people such as our families, friends, neighbors, etc., and if we want our community to grow and thrive, we must work together to invest in long-term solutions for issues (i.e. addiction, obesity, homelessness, generational poverty) at hand.

We call it “Philanthropy with Measurable Impact.”

Charitable giving defined means people give with a short-term vision to solve an immediate problem. Whereas, Philanthropy strategically problem solves with a long-term strategy for creating and sustaining success.


Philanthropy with Measurable Impact is a new vision for personal giving as it empowers us, as donors, to expect a social return on our investment by seeing results that are making a tangible difference. When we give to a cause, we need to see actual changes occurring.

Real issues need real solutions.

CFMC is leading this change of giving by partnering with donors, community and business leaders to invest in ideas and organizations that empower people, especially our youth, to build healthy and productive lives. We believe every person has value and can make a positive impact in Morgan County.

This is an example of “Philanthropy with Measurable Impact.” Fresh Way Farms, which received an IMPACT Grant from CFMC, is building three aquaponics labs in Martinsville and Mooresville schools. The program will teach students how to grow plants and vegetables using recycled water and live fish, resulting in harvests which will provide free produce to local pantries.

Our Impact Grants are designed to produce a social return on your investments by ensuring each one has measurable outcomes to create sustainable changes.

One hundred percent of every dollar you donate to CFMC goes back into the community as an Impact Grant and dynamically begins new chapters in people’s lives. CFMC matches your $1 for $1.

CFMC is here to address the real issues with real solutions, but we can’t do the work alone. All of us work and live beside individuals and families struggling every day to “get back on track.” We can give them a “hand up” instead of a “hand out” through impactful and intentional giving.

“We should measure our charity’s success by how many people no longer need the service, not by how many are added.” ~ Ronald Reagan

Make time right now to partner with CFMC by investing your dollars into Impact Grants. Every dollar, no matter how small or large, makes an incredible difference in many lives. Go to and be part of this change today.

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