CFMC Brief: 2018 Year-End Giving Challenge


It’s not too late to give a portion of your “blessings” by partnering with the Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) and our work to fund local programs and services that are transforming lives in this community.

We call it “Philanthropy with Measurable Impact.”

Because of the generous support of many in 2018, CFMC awarded $37,700 in Impact Grants to five nonprofits working hard to implement solutions for issues impacting our youth such as generational poverty, homelessness, education, and lack of self-esteem.

We want to end this year with a “big bang” of giving to Impact Grants. One hundred percent of every dollar donated to CFMC goes back into the community and we MATCH IT $1 for $1!

Here is a summary of how Impact Grants make a difference:

  • Bulldog Blessings Pantry at Monrovia High School is making sure students don’t go to school hungry, which hinders their ability to learn. Open once a month, the pantry provides food and hygiene items to students and their families and others. BackSacks are sent home on Fridays with elementary school children so they have food to eat over the weekend. The pantry serves over 45 families each month.
  • Fresh Way Farms is building three aquaponics labs in Martinsville and Mooresville schools to teach students how to grow plants and vegetables, using recycled water and growing live fish, resulting in harvests that will provide free produce to pantries. Students also learn business skills, team building, responsibility, and new technologies.
  • WellSpring Center offers a Pathways to Prosperity program designed to help homeless youth prepare for college or trade school (applications, scholarships, SAT prep and testing) and break the cycle of generational poverty. The program also offers supplies for homework, a Homework Club, nutritious snacks as well as lessons in exercise, nutrition, financial literacy, ecology and civics.
  • Churches in Mission is using their Impact Grant to offer financial assistance to families and individuals needing help with utilities or rent. In the first nine months of this year, the Mission provided $52,000 to more than 300 households in Morgan County.
  • Martinsville Youth & Development Center partnered with CFMC, Bradford Woods, IU Health Morgan, and Strength School to pilot its Become a Better You (BCBY) program. BCBY uses life skill lessons, nutrition classes, counseling and physical activities to address physical and mental needs of both families and students living in poverty, struggling with obesity, or are at-risk. Twelve students participated in the pilot phase and 51% improved socially, 52% achieved academic improvements, while 100% experienced increased self-esteem and improved physical health.
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Invest in our future generation by donating to the Martinsville Youth & Development Center Impact Grant at CFMC.

We applaud the efforts of these organizations in helping the community, but there’s still more work to be done, people to volunteer, and money to be given if we want to see lasting, positive changes. Our children today and future generations are counting on each of us to do our parts.

One hundred percent of every dollar donated to CFMC goes back into the community and we MATCH IT $1 for $1!

Partner with us at CFMC by making a year-end donation today. Make your money have a lasting impact in our community. Go to to give or call us at (765) 813-0003. We wish each of you a Happy Holiday and a brighter New Year!

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