CFMC Brief: What is a Community Foundation?

What Is a Community Foundation and Why Should You Care?

Have you ever dropped your hard-earned money into a bucket during the holidays or helped a door-to-door solicitor raise funds for a project or made an online donation to the work of an organization that “tugs at your heart strings”?

Did that donation actually make a difference, whether it was helping to cure a disease, feed a hungry child in Morgan County, or build a home for a single mom?

When you’re ready to donate, contact the Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC), and through our Impact Grants program, we’ll ensure you’re supporting local organizations making a positive impact in people’s lives. If you, your family, friends, and neighbors will combine your giving through a simple Impact Grant, we can accomplish great things and support others in our community.

By definition, a Community Foundation is a public nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of people in its defined geographic area, such as Morgan County, using pooled or combined resources from local donors to support grants, individual funds, scholarships and more importantly, endowments. A Foundation works with individuals, families, and businesses to invest their monies into effective, local nonprofits. By pooling or gathering multiple gifts into a single bucket, much more can be accomplished through philanthropy. No gift is ever too small, especially when it’s joined by hundreds of other like-minded donors.

Why is a Community Foundation important? At CFMC, we take this question seriously as we promote and foster the idea that giving needs to be philanthropic instead of charitable. Philanthropy focuses on long-term solutions to issues whereas charity addresses an urgent need that will repeat itself, whether its next week or month. By getting to the root cause of the problem, we can begin to eliminate the need of our fellow community members to continually repeat the cycle of seeking daily or monthly assistance.

We have issues in Morgan County requiring sustainable solutions.

If we want to Morgan County to be economically thriving with new businesses and socially with healthier individuals, then it starts with our greatest asset – you!

That’s why we need to care.

People today and future generations need us to act by giving some of our time, talent and treasure to ensure this community grows and doesn’t look back on the “good old days,” rather than the “great future ahead”.

Everyone can do something. Don’t put it off for tomorrow or next week. Someone somewhere needs our help NOW. Today is important and you have the ability to lift someone else up even in the smallest of ways.

Make the decision TODAY to partner with us at CFMC by investing your money into one of our IMPACT grants, personal funds or more importantly, endowments.

For more information, check out our website at, stop by our Martinsville office at 56 N. Main Street, or call us at (765) 813-0003.

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