Tracks4Vets and Indiana VFW Working Together to Help More Veterans

New Partnership Will Provide More Opportunities to Fund Tracked Utility Carriers for Disabled Veterans

TRAFALGAR, Indiana, January 10, 2019 –– Tracks4Vets, a 501(c)3, has entered into a partnership with the VFW of Indiana.

“This partnership is ideal for the VFW to reach our veterans in a new and relevant way,” said Tracks4Vets Director of Veteran Affairs, Charles (Chuck) Lee – Army 82nd Airborne (retired) “I have first-hand experience of how a tool like the TUC Tracked Utility Carrier gives me the ability to get out from behind the walls. This partnership will make an impact on reducing veteran suicide rates. We just have to get it out there so our veterans can get back to serving.”

“We are excited to be a frontrunner in finding real and effective ways to expedite recovery, and get our guys back out in the field,” said Troy (DOC) King, VFW Adjutant/ Quartermaster – Navy

“The VFW is a great step for us,” said Tracks4Vets co-administrator, Brad Justus (Army veteran). “We have a big vision for The Tracks we provide for our programs starting with the TUC. The opportunities are endless. Each post and member can now have access and work toward getting TUCs funded.”

“We want to make sure that we are giving more value to the VFW organization and to our veterans than expected,” said Tracks4Vets co-administrator, Tricia Ringer “It was such an honor to be able to speak at the VFW fall conference and share our mission and passions. We believe the partnerships we create and the tracks we provide can be a step toward making our veterans known, valued, and respected.”

Tracks4Vets aims to expedite recovery and expand the workforce by giving our service-connected disabled veterans the ability to work and serve again. Tracks4Vets is a Federal 501(c)3 not-for-profit for more information visit or visit Indiana Veterans of Foreign Wars

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