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More than 70 high school seniors throughout Morgan County were recently awarded scholarships from the Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC). These graduates represented Martinsville, Mooresville, Monrovia, Eminence and Indian Creek High Schools.

“We’re so proud of the hard work these students have accomplished, and we’re excited to see what they’ll do in the future,” said CFMC President Ed Kominowski. “With more than $135,000 available in scholarships, we’re able to help many of them either go to college or another higher learning program.”

Since 2005 CFMC has been a source of numerous scholarship funds for two- or four-year college or trade school programs. Individuals and organizations can set up a scholarship, such as an endowment, and CFMC will manage the daily administrative and financial needs of that fund.

Here are the 2019 scholarship recipients:

Eminence High School
Charles T. Amy PAYS Scholarship $1,500 Andrew Kennington
Eminence Alumni Association Scholarship $1,500 Maddison Kinnard
Megan Buis Memorial Scholarship $3,450 Veda Riffel
Meredith Knieper Scholarship $2,000 Rosalie Lewis
Stierwalt Scholarship $1,500 Maddison Kinnard
Indian Creek High School
Emily Downey Memorial Scholarship $1,500 Shelby Carter
Monrovia High School
Benjamin Elo Scholarship $5,000 Grace Beaman
Cheryl Owens Memorial Scholarship $1,000 Kassity Smallwood
Dorothy Asher Scholarship $3,000 Kassity Smallwood, Patrick Miller
Judge James E. Harris Scholarship $1,000 Kaylea Hawkins
Justin & Bonita Conduitt Marley Scholarship $1,000 Kassity Smallwood
Linda Huttsell Academic Scholarship $2,000 Grace Beaman, Gabrielle Fisher, Kaylea Hawkins, Makayla Reeves, Audrey Sears, Makayla Swafford, Alexandra Whalen
Meredith Knieper Scholarship $2,000 Makayla Swafford
Newburn-Asher Scholarship $2,000 Grace Beaman, Madeline Shelton, Kaylea Hawkins, Alexis Reed, Allison Eisenhut
Pass It On Scholarship $1,800 Makayla Swafford
SSG. Wm. Ryan Fritsche Memorial Scholarship $2,000 Grace Beaman
Ted & Berta Romine/Masonic Lodge #654 Scholarship $1,000 Sydney Gash, Audrey Sears
Martinsville High School
Ann Haworth Memorial Scholarship $1,500 Anna Bowlen, Andrea Rahman
Bob Staggs Memorial Scholarship $1,500 Kaitlyn Bowles
Bob Williamson Scholarship $500 Emmah Keller, Travis Griffey, Robert Staggs
Dorothy Asher Scholarship $3,000 Adriana Dow-Vaughn
Eric Pierce Memorial Scholarship $1,000 Lauren Whitaker
Fables and Fairy Tales Scholarship $1,000 Rylee Paris
Freeman Goss Scholarship $1,000 Kaitlyn Bowles, Caleb Urban
G. Hochstetler Scholarship $500 Ezekiel Shumaker
John E. Koontz Memorial Scholarship $500 Caleb Urban
John R. Wooden Scholastic Scholarship $1,000 Emmah Keller
Lilly Endowment Finalists $1,000 Asher Markitan, Riley Henson, Kaity Kraszyk, Ashley McHugh
Maggie Grounds Scholarship $1,500 Adriana Dow-Vaughn
Martinsville Memorial Scholarship $1,000 Joseph Rahman, Megan Gens
Martinsville Rotary Scholarship $1,000 Riley Henson
Meredith Knieper Scholarship $2,000 Morgan Curtis
Newburn-Asher Scholarship $2,000 Kennedy Wilson, Ashley McHugh, Sarah Stout, Emmah Keller
Mooresville High School
Dorothy Asher Scholarship
$3,000 Lauren Farb, Olivia Stinson, Myah Corcoran
Gordon Leigh Speer Memorial Scholarship $1,000 Steven Finn
Justin & Bonita Conduitt Marley Scholarship $1,000 Myah Corcoran
Lilly Endowment Finalist $1,000 Kaylee Wise
Memorial Scholarship of Dr. Julia Foster & In Tribute of Jeff Hunsucker $2,000 Sidney Morris
Meredith Knieper Scholarship $2,000 Paul Freer
Mooresville High School Alumni Scholarship $1,000 Jacelyn Smith
Mooresville Kiwanis Curry Overton Scholarship $1,000 Kaitlyn Arvin, Paul Freer
Newburn-Asher Scholarship $2,000 Rayanne Kowle, Katelyn Piche, Sally Blackburn, Ashley Tabscott, Sidney Morris
Owen L. & Dorothea I. Prescott Scholarship $1,500 Hannah Vauters
Sgt. Dan Starnes Memorial Scholarship $1,500 Kaitlyn Arvin
Steven Lee Robert Terrell Memorial Scholarship $1,500 Paul Freer
TOA – USA Scholarship $1,500 Paul Freer
Velma M. Hackleman-Mendenhall Scholarship $1,500 Olivia Stinson
University Awards
Newburn-Asher Scholarship
$2,000 Sarah Berman (Cedarville University, Julie Saucerman (University of Evansville)
Sgt. Dan Starnes Memorial Scholarship $1,500 Bobbie Paquin-Reese (University of Indianapolis)
Dorothy Asher Scholarship $3,000 Abbigail Mendenhall (Indiana University)
Never Too Late Scholarship $1,500 Kacy Black

The CFMC Lilly Scholarship application process will start again in a few months. Keep checking for details or send an email to

CFMC’s mission is to connect donors and their charitable giving with our evolving community needs in order to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations through impact grantmaking. The vision of CFMC is to be the philanthropic leader and a catalyst in order to maximize available resources in our community.

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