Become a Mentor Today. Change a Life Tomorrow.

Children represent our future as they grow and discover their own, unique paths in life. Some of them will become doctors to help the sick, others will be teachers making a difference in a student’s life, and there will be those who take on leadership roles, such as a mayor, police officer, and a pastor.

If you’re a parent or grandparent, what do you hope your child or grandchild will accomplish one day? As a community, what kind of adults do we want to have to lead our government, teach in our schools, and serve people in need?

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Kids at the Martinsville Youth Development Center need positive role models to help them navigate through life.

Our kids in Morgan County have big and bold dreams for when they grow up. As a community of caring parents, family members, teachers, leaders, friends, and others, there are many different ways each of us can be a positive influence by helping our children see their dreams become reality.

Organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County, Barbara B. Jordan YMCA, League of Miracles, WellSpring, and the Martinsville Youth Development Center are dedicated to helping children live healthy and productive lives. They are always looking for caring, committed and positive role models to work with our kids, especially those who struggle in life.

Be a life-changer.

For the last three years, the Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) has partnered with Mooresville and Martinsville schools to develop innovative student mentoring programs as a way for local adults to reach out and build positive relationships with our youth. Over 100 community and business leaders have already served as mentors, and we always need more people to get involved.

“As a mentor, I had the opportunity to follow this young girl and hear about her day-to-day life. It opened my eyes to see that people struggle significantly and there’s something we can do to help improve others’ lives,” said Jenna Bennett, a school mentor and an Edward Jones Financial Advisor. “When I was in school one of my very best friends grew up in a similar situation as this young girl I was mentoring. My friend got a birthday card with money and it was taken from her because her parents needed it to pay a bill. Growing up I was blind to those kinds of things. I don’t think I ever realized that her life was so much different than mine. It’s a struggle when you don’t get a good night’s sleep in the same bed every night or a nutritious meal to eat.”

 Mentoring Facts:

  • Mentors are caring, nonparent adults who provide children with support and guidance. Research shows youths working with mentors are more likely to have better educational, vocational and social outcomes than peers without mentors.
  • Kids thrive when they have stable, consistent and meaningful relationships with caring adults. Mentoring has a positive impact on a child’s health, education, and community.
  • Students with mentors are more likely to set higher goals for education, work, personal development and more.
  • Mentoring is connected with higher rates of leadership, volunteering, and civic activities in communities. Many kids who are mentored want to “pay it forward” by helping other students.

Morgan County has a long history of people helping people because we care, and we know it’s the right thing to do. From natural disasters to honoring our veterans, we show up and get involved. Let’s do that for our children, too. You can be the mentor who listens, helps children find positive solutions, and watch them turn their lives around for the better. Contact CFMC today and join our mentoring program. You can reach us at or call (765) 813-0003.

CFMC’s mission is to connect donors and their charitable giving with our evolving community needs in order to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations through impact grantmaking. The vision of CFMC is to be the philanthropic leader and a catalyst in order to maximize available resources in our community.

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