Giving Locally: Morgan County Man Living Like a Good Samaritan

If you think one person cannot make a difference, think again. A Morgan County native, we’ll call him William Austin as he wanted to remain anonymous, grew up in a family where his mom instilled core values such as kindness, hard work, respect, and honesty. They were not wealthy in terms of dollars. Instead, they found their wealth by helping people in need and other community service activities.

Although his mom, a professional seamstress and long-time 4-H leader, is no longer living, William continues to honor her legacy by setting a Good Samaritan example for others to follow.

When William heard about the Lilly Match at the Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC), he decided to invest some of his money into programs, funded by CFMC, that are working to transform lives today, so our communities have a brighter tomorrow. William was blessed with a gift of money and wanted to “pay it forward” by blessing others.

“I heard about the Lilly $2 to $1 match and wanted to do something to help. I had some extra money and decided to give to CFMC, Desert Rose Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County, 4-H, Habitat for Humanity, Mooresville Public Library, and the Martinsville and Mooresville Senior Centers,” said William.

Throughout his life, William served in the United States Navy and worked at businesses including food service, Maplehurst Dairy, and Indianapolis Power and Light (retired after 25 years).  His community work has included playing Santa Claus, volunteering at the Mooresville Senior Center, Retired Teachers Association Board, a traveling gospel group, and the Mooresville Veterans Memorial Committee.

“People don’t realize that you don’t need to give a lot in order to make a difference. I believe God has given each of us a purpose. Whatever God gives we should share it with others because we can’t take it with us when we die,” said William. “My mom was a kindhearted lady who didn’t judge a person by their wealth, race, etc. She taught us to look at a person’s heart and what they can do. That has meant so much to me.”

You can be a Good Samaritan like William and invest in the lives of individuals and families living in Morgan County. Donate here and your money will be matched by the Lilly gift. Regardless of how much you can give, your donation will make an impact.

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