Morgan County, IN—Throughout the past 5 weeks, CFMC has dispersed $58,327 from the COVID-19 Emergency Fund to local Morgan County food pantries to help assist the community needs during these unprecedented times.
The COVID-19 Emergency Fund provided grants to the following Morgan County food pantries;

  • Churches in Mission
  • Eminence Christian Church Food Pantry
  • Morgantown Community Food Pantry
  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Food Pantry
  • Community Service Center of Morgan County (WellSpring)
  • Mt. Olive United Methodist Church Food Pantry
  • Brooklyn Christian Church
  • First Church of the Nazarene Food Pantry

The COVID-19 Emergency Fund was established as a direct response to meeting community needs to provide immediate support to local food pantries that help the most at-risk financially in Morgan County.

“With the help of Kendrick Foundation and donors, we had to act quickly to get funds to the community for food assistance,” said Brittani Bentley, Associate Director of CFMC. “Making sure people were able to have something to eat was our first priority.”

While checking in with a local food pantry, Ms. Bentley was inspired by a story that a middle school student has been using his allowance the past few weeks to buy canned goods at the store and donating them so that others didn’t go without something to eat. Even the children of Morgan County understand the pressure of the pandemic.

CFMC encourages local business and other funders to contribute to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund to maximize reach and effectiveness for our Morgan County community.

Every dollar donated into the COVID-19 Emergency Fund will be put into action in our Morgan County food pantries that are serving the most at-risk financially.

You can donate directly at

The mission of the CFMC is to connect donors and their charitable giving with our evolving community needs in order to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations through impact grant making. If you are interested in learning more about CFMC’s current planning efforts, please visit

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