Giving Locally: Churches in Mission Empowering Families to Become Self-Sufficient

CFMC COVID-19 Emergency Fund in Action

As the restrictions of shelter in place are slowly lifted and people can return to work, the need for food assistance will continue as individuals and families try to regain the financial stability they lost during this pandemic.

Thanks to the generous giving from local donors and through the support of the Kendrick Foundation’s $50,000 pledge to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund over the next 10 weeks, Churches In Mission (CIM), and other food pantries can continue buying more food and serve a larger number of people. However, your donation is needed to keep the pantry shelves stocked for months to come.

It takes the generous hearts of volunteers to help organizations like Churches In Mission continue its work, such as a food pantry.

The Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) understands food insecurity is a real problem in our communities. That’s why we established the COVID-19 Emergency Fund to support local food pantries that serve our most vulnerable and at-risk residents.

“At Churches In Mission, we opened our doors to the community 32 years ago. It’s our mission to help our neighbors become healthy and whole,” said Dottie Antonson, CIM’s Mooresville Office Coordinator.

CIM has two locations to help more people throughout the county. The Mooresville food pantry is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to Noon and Thursday nights from 6 to 8 p.m. In Martinsville, residents can stop by CIM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

According to Antonson, both CIM pantries have been averaging approximately 500 individuals every week. Before COVID-19, CIM assisted nearly 13,000 people annually. That number for 2020 will dramatically increase as more people need help putting food on their tables.

“We have been blessed to have both perishable and non-perishable food items for our neighbors,” added Antonson. “Before the pandemic, people could come inside and shop for their groceries. For everyone’s safety, we now provide a drive-thru service. Our volunteers do a great job.”

Anyone can stop by either CIM location, during their hours of operation, for food assistance. During CIM’s 32 years of service, many people have walked through the doors with a need and left with a sense of hope. “I wish I had a good story to tell, but honestly, I’m blessed by the people we serve each time I’m here,” said Antonson. “Our clients are genuinely happy and thankful for the help we provide.”

In addition to the food pantries, CIM also offers family and life skills programs to empower people towards self-sufficiency. These programs include Family Fun Night, Eat Smart/Move More, Parenting Is Heart Work and others.

Supporting our local food pantries with emergency funding is a real solution to meet the needs of at-risk individuals and families. Recently, the Kendrick Foundation pledged $50,000 to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund for the next 10 weeks as the need continues. We know the problem of food insecurity will continue to grow due to this pandemic. Be a part of this solution. Donate today at

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