Giving Locally: WE are Responsible for the Future of Morgan County

If you have been reading our stories about the numerous volunteers working at nine local food pantries to help thousands of individuals and families keep food on their tables, then you know we have residents experiencing food insecurity. Thankfully, they live in a community that cares.

These women and men give of their time, talent, and treasure to serve others. They understand what it means to be responsible to their community. What you may not know is that whether the volunteers work two hours once a month or donate $10 every four weeks, their giving is making a positive impact in Morgan County.

When everyone gives, it’s a win-win for our community. Give today to ensure Morgan County has a future.

WE, that means every resident, are responsible for the future of where we live, work, and play. If we want economic stability, safe communities, solid education, employment opportunities, access to healthcare, and social services for ourselves and our families, then WE must give in order to receive.

The Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) is leading this giving effort by partnering with donors, community, and business leaders to invest in ideas and organizations that empower people, especially our kids, to build healthy and productive lives. We believe every person has value and can make a positive impact where they live.

We are giving all of YOU the opportunity to be responsible for Morgan County’s future by donating to our Impact Grants. These grants were created to produce a social return on your investment by ensuring each one has measurable outcomes to create sustainable changes.

One hundred percent of every dollar you donate to CFMC goes back into our community as an Impact Grant. Your donation will help someone find housing, food, employment, and other life-changing opportunities. CFMC matches your $2 for $1.

We have real issues needing real solutionssuch as food insecurity. CFMC is committed to bringing positive changes to our community, but we cannot do this work alone. All of us know at least one person who is struggling to turn their life around. You can help by donating to one of our Impact Grants.

Decide today to partner with CFMC and be intentional about your giving. Every dollar, no matter how small or large, will make an impact in many lives. Go to and be responsible for the future of your county.

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