Impact Grants at Work: Family Blessed by Food Pantry Pays It Forward

Difficult times, such as this COVID-19 pandemic, will either bring out the best or the worst in people. We witnessed it when people rushed to the stores to buy all of the toilet paper they could put in a cart, leaving others without any. On the positive side, we continue to see many people giving their money and time to help families served by local food pantries.

Thanks to the Bulldog Blessings Food Pantry, students and families in the Monrovia community can receive boxes of food once a month. Inspired by the generous hearts and hands of pantry volunteers, one family in the area decided to pay it forward.

Monrovia High School graduates Wyatt Harvey (left) and Ashley Parker (right), made time in their busy schedules to volunteer at the pantry.

“They utilized our pantry last year when things got tough and returned this year when COVID-19 started. They wanted to pay it forward and donated $500 to the pantry,” said Vickie Hendricks, Bulldog Blessings Pantry Founder. “I just love our community!”

In Morgan County, there are 2,780 children experiencing food insecurity daily. According to the 2018 Feeding America Network Map, 82% of families in our communities are income-eligible for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps. That means 18% don’t qualify for SNAP, but yet they can’t afford to buy food for their children.

The Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) recognizes food insecurity is a real problem in our community. That is why we created Impact Grants to support local organizations, such as food pantries, that are empowering individuals and families to transform their lives for the better.

Regardless of the dollar amount given, we believe every person has value and can make a positive impact where they live. The Bulldog Blessings Pantry received an Impact Grant this year and because of generous donors, they have been able to help people in need.

The Bulldog Blessings Pantry is located inside Monrovia High School. When schools closed in mid-March due to the pandemic, they had to move the pantry to different locations and provide drive-through service. Hendricks and her team rely on Gleaners Foodbank and individual donations to help keep families fed.

According to Hendricks, the pre-boxed items from Gleaners will be available until August. This means the pantry needs your monetary help to purchase food from Gleaners as well as provide items for the Backsacks program when schools reopen.

“During this pandemic, the community has really come together with food drives, new volunteers, and partnerships with the school cafeteria and Monrovia library,” she added.

One hundred percent of every dollar you donate to CFMC goes back into our community as an Impact Grant. Your donation will help someone find housing, food, employment, and other life-changing opportunities. CFMC matches $2 for $1.

Bulldog Blessings Pantry is working with IU Health Morgan to educate pantry participants about healthier eating and lifestyle choices.

We have real issues needing real solutionssuch as food insecurity. CFMC is committed to bringing positive changes to our community, but we cannot do this work alone. All of us know at least one person who is struggling to turn their life around. You can help by donating to one of our Impact Grants.

Decide today to partner with CFMC and be intentional about your giving. Every dollar, no matter how small or large will make an impact in many lives. Go to and make an impact today.

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