CFMC Presents Professor Watermelon at Old Town Waverly Festival

Our Foundation continues to provide opportunities for community involvement, amidst the pandemic. Thanks to the planning committee for the annual Old Town Waverly Festival, CFMC was able to sponsor Professor Watermelon inside the old Methodist Church for attending families and community members of all ages.

Chad Gillenwater, originally from Morgan County and the second Morgan County Lilly Endowment Scholar, uses his talents as a creative writer to engage individuals through interactive storytelling. He presents at schools, community events and other occasions to inspire people with his creative stories and participatory style.

Perfect for the 1900’s time-period, where Old Town Waverly Park was first founded and people of that era used story-telling as common form of entertainment and teaching of traditions, Professor Watermelon engaged attendees and wowed children through three different stories. Attendees learned the history of Mr. James Whitcomb-Riley and other historical Hoosier figures. He ended his presentation with all attendees joining in singing “What a Wonderful World”, by Louis Armstrong.

We are so grateful to Professor Watermelon for his generous donation of his time and talents!

Stay tuned for more events sponsored by CFMC.

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