Mooresville Announces 200th Birthday Celebration with Plans Underway

Mooresville has a big birthday coming up in 2024. We will turn 200 years old! We plan on celebrating this special occasion all year long and we would love to have your help and input.

We believe this celebration will be a big opportunity to showcase our great town in a way that will position Mooresville for business and economic growth well past 2024. We want to show off our location, our strengths, our businesses, and more.

Planning has begun and we’ve already had many great ideas submitted on our website. We need people to volunteer for the following teams: Events, Promotional, Fundraising, Merchandising, Arts, History and School Liaisons.

Like to be involved?  Check out our website,, and fill out an interest form or just submit your ideas. This will give us your information to include you in the emails for future planning meetings. Our next meeting is coming in March 2022 where you can connect with others in your area of interest.

If your group or organization would like to have one of our representatives come and talk, please contact me. (Sharon Taylor 317-730-4401)

Mooresville 200 Co-Chairs,
Sharon Taylor
Dave Reddick

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