We have our own magic right here in Morgan County!

Who has seen the new Disney film Encanto? Released in 2021 and streaming on Disney plus and in movie theaters, it tells this realistic, yet enchanting story of a multigenerational Columbian family, The Madrigals. Helmed by the matriarch, grandmother (Abuela), each family member has special gifts given from “a miracle” to help the family serve people in their rural community, “the Encanto”.

Bruno has a gift for seeing the future, Antonio is gifted with being able to communicate with animals, Luisa is super strong, Dolores possesses superhuman hearing, Pepa can conjure any type of weather and Julieta heals people through her foods. I could keep sharing the family member’s gifts, but you know what I noticed? They each have a gift and they each matter. Even Mirabel, who was the only family member not to have a special gift still believed in herself and was persistent enough to save the family’s magic.

We have our own magic right here in Morgan County. Unfortunately, none of us are superhuman. And we don’t have a Luisa to pick up our livestock onto her shoulders to get them back inside the fence. But we serve each other just the same. Our neighborhoods are our “Encanto”; our small rural community. We have people we can rely on and someone’s recipe we have asked for and share within our own circles of family and friends.

And the days when we feel like we are losing our magic? Thankfully we have our community that encircles us and makes us feel like we have a strong foundation to remind us of our purpose and our own magic.

Cheers to 2022, and all the love and efforts we share together. May this year be a year we are gentle with our neighbors and continue to pour love into our communities. CFMC is always here for your philanthropic needs. And we look forward to supporting 2022 Morgan County efforts.

Brittani Bentley
CFMC President

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