Let’s build momentum in our communities, together.

A few weeks ago, after our big snowstorm, I indulged in something I rarely do anymore as an adult – I went sledding. Ah yes, the excitement from speed and plastic sleds far too flimsy for adults. All the effort to put on enough layers before going outside, not to mention already sweating before leaving the house.

I’m standing at the top of the hill, watching other families and children take their turns. Some racing each other and other daredevils seeing if they can maneuver the hill standing on their sleds. I wouldn’t dare! And then, here’s something else I noticed.

Momentum. What a powerful force. It’s the goal of sledding and the reward for climbing the hill. It takes time for a smooth path to be carved into the blanket of snow; for speed to be built and sledders to enjoy riding the distance. Momentum is also our goal here at CFMC.

We often find as one of the main funders in Morgan County that non-profits do everything they can to put their best foot forward. Ideally, it makes sense given that a non-profit wants to have that impeccable reputation come grant season. But what I think we often overlook in the world of philanthropy is what it takes to build that momentum.

It’s vital that nonprofits and community members alike approach us willing to share their needs; their struggles; their gaps where funding couldn’t cover the entire need. This is where we shine. In addition to managing our fundholders’ dollars, we also come alongside communities all over Morgan County. We see ourselves as advocates, a community strategic thinker, change agent, empathetic ear, and often a conduit to help close gaps to make things happen; and to build momentum.

We’re thankful for each of our communities and those that share their needs and their gaps. We look forward to listening to more as 2022 unfolds. Let’s build momentum in our communities, together.
My best to you,

Brittani Bentley
President, CFMC

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