Thank you for your continued support in funding dynamic programs.

Now that the 2021 grant season is coming to a close, it is time for evaluations to measure the impact of the grants that we awarded.  Most evaluations will include how many people were served, how the community is impacted, and measurable return on investment.  Not only do granting organizations evaluate to ensure a program was successful, but it also tells the story to our donors how their dollars were used and improved Morgan County.

CFMC utilizes a pre and post logic model in the grant application and final report.  This model identifies inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes.  This part of the logic model evaluates what resources are needed to accomplish the program (inputs), such as staffing, technology, and supplies.  It also identifies activities that will be accomplished to address or solve community problems.  Then, outputs explain what to expect once the recipient has accomplished the program’s activities.  The outcomes on the pre-report determine a measurable change in those served because of the funded program.  These four areas help to determine the return on investment of social capital from grant dollars provided by CFMC.

The post logic model is used once a grantee has finished their program.  They are asked to explain what worked, what needed to be improved, and if the outcomes on the pre-logic model were met during the programming activities.  Outputs are qualitative and anecdotal, while outcomes are specific measurable indicators and can be quantified.  A successfully funded program meets all these categories specified.  If not met, grantees are asked to indicate what and how the program fell short of intended expectations and goals.  This allows an organization to reflect and adapt, so that future programs are more effective and efficient.

As we continue to release 2022’s monthly e-newsletters, you will read about funded programs through CFMC’s IMPACT grant making.  Last month, you can read about Pack Away Hunger’s event.  This month, you will learn of Smart Up Start Up, an entrepreneurial program for youth taught by Barbara B Jordan YMCA.

We are in this together.  Ever dollar donated stays local within Morgan County to address our county’s greatest needs.  Thank you for your continued support in funding dynamic programs.

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