Announcing the 2022 Scholarship Award Recipients

Each year, in gratitude to our generous fundholders and philanthropic donors, CFMC awards scholarships to our Morgan County high school seniors. Seniors apply when these applications open in the fall of 2021 and are evaluated after the deadline in January. Many of CFMC’s fundholders wish to evaluate their applications on their own and others entrust a separate, non-biased volunteer committee to evaluate each year’s scholarships. We are so grateful to our volunteer scholarship committee because they spend hours each year reading through these students’ applications and hearing their heart and future passions.

Evaluators find it difficult each year to score and select scholars because many of these applicants go above and beyond to ensure their application is complete with essays, references, and high school transcripts. These seniors’ successes are a true reflection of the diligent and commitment of students’ mentors, school teachers and administration, and the self-drive and desire to succeed instilled from our Morgan County parents.

We are honored to say that CFMC awarded over $154,000 in scholarships this year. 95 scholarships will be sent directly to these students’ universities for their incoming fall semester. Almost half of our scholarships are for trade career pursuing students, which proves that a student does not need to have model grades or excel in athletics. Our scholarships range from $500 to $5,000 each. Scholarships are free monies that students will not need to pay back and significantly reduces their financial burden. The average student loan debt for Indiana graduates is about $32,000, which equates to long repayment terms and monies they could otherwise use for future savings and other financial goals. CFMC is honored to be just a small part in giving hard-working graduates a hand up in their future career and educational endeavors.

If you know an incoming Morgan County high school senior, tell them to stay tuned when we release our 2023 scholarship applications early next Fall. Each high school guidance office receives these communications, and we empower applicants with a program guide highlighting each application and the scholarship amount and also a step-by-step YouTube tutorial as they apply online.

Here are the 2022 scholarship recipients:

Thank you to our generous fundholders who entrust their scholarships to CFMC, annually, and to our donors who make every scholarship happen.  If you are interested in establishing a scholarship for Morgan County students, please reach out to CFMC at 765-813-0003 or dents, please reach out to CFMC at 765-813-0003 or via email at

You can also make an impact by donating here:  Every dollar donated stays local within Morgan County.

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