Do you ever feel like a master juggler of your priorities?

I discovered at a young age how much I enjoy the process of learning. My kindergarten teacher even called my mom and said, “Mrs. Barrow, Becky must stop taking every additional homework sheet that is available!”. This has translated to a lifetime of learning, and as a lifelong learner, I love to dive into new projects. I learn the pieces of the project, and what it takes to bring the project to life.

I am a visual learner, so when I take on a new project, I will map it out in stages: start, plan, execute, evaluate, and complete. Within this project map, I include a timeline, working backward from completion to start. Stages are even color coded to let quickly show what stage the project is in. Are we just beginning? Are we executing? Or are we ready to mark the project complete? This visual system allows me to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

With a quick glance at my visual map, I can see each project’s stage. This gives me peace of mind and keeps momentum moving forward to complete the work. I go “old school” with an erase board calendar, but I pair that quick glance calendar with electronic tools. I use my electronic tools to dive deeper into the project stages.  Who are the key players? What are important deadlines to hit? What work needs to be delegated?  There are a variety of project managements systems, like Asana or ClickUp, that can be helpful and user friendly!

Keep in mind project work is not solo work. I may be the manager of a project, but there are many crucial players with the work I do.  Understanding the importance of delegation and trusting your team is huge! This, and staying organized are key when you have moving deadlines and multiple projects.

Although this system makes perfect sense for my learning brain, you have to figure out what system works for you.  Start with a project you are confident with or something you already do.  Starting is half the battle.  As you build confidence finding what works for you, you can tackle more complicated projects. Hopefully, like me, you will find joy watching a project pass through each phase, for it to grow, and, ultimately, create an impact.


Becky, a Bloomington native and IU graduate, enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially her husband and two adult children.  She loves to cook, cheer on her Hoosiers, travel, and see live music.  You will often find her walking on a trail, soaking up as much of the outdoors as possible.  She currently works as a Regional Development Officer for Youth First, Inc., supporting Youth First’s impactful work in Morgan County.  She is an active participant in Hoosiers Outrun Cancer, a proud Rotarian, and loves to discuss hope with our next generation of young people. Becky is also actively involved with Morgan County Mental Health Task Force, Morgan County Resiliency Coalition & Morgan County Substance Abuse Council.

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