Last Call for CFMC’s 2022 Thrive and Impact Grants!

CFMC offers three different types of grants, two of which have the same application deadline quickly approaching! The deadline for both Thrive and Impact grant applications is 4 p.m. next Monday, October 3rd.  Impact grants are an annual grant cycle offered to non-profits serving Morgan County to fund proactive programs and services addressing K-12 Mental Health, K-12 Workforce Development, and improving the quality of life. Impact grant applicants first submitted a letter of intent to CFMC in August, and finalists were invited to apply for the full grant. If you are a finalist invited to apply, here is your friendly reminder of Monday’s deadline.

Thrive grants are CFMC’s newest innovation for our communities, focusing on supporting smaller communities better.  Since our 2019 community survey results, CFMC has focused on building relationships within smaller communities like Morgantown, Brooklyn, Waverly, Eminence, Monrovia, and Paragon.  Through relationships, we recognize that advocacy is vital to providing a hand-up in these communities.  Every neighbor has dreams of what their community can one day become.  CFMC hopes to meet these dreams through our new Thrive grants.  Applications are welcome from any nonprofit in Morgan County or serving Morgan County and are due by 4 p.m. next Monday, October 3rd.  Visit for grant guidelines and a link to apply.

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