Morgan County Substance Abuse Council Shares Tech Updates Thru CFMC Capacity Grant

The Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) awarded the Morgan County Substance Abuse Council $950.00 to upgrade some of our technology. The items included a laptop with Microsoft Office and a portable projector used for educational purposes. Morgan County Substance Abuse Council had a laptop that was many years old and often had problems with connecting to wi-fi at locations. Morgan County Substance Abuse Council also had a projector that functioned reasonably well but is very large, outdated and is difficult to travel with and set up at locations, especially small areas like community booths. Morgan County Substance Abuse Council delivers programs to organizations, schools, businesses and individuals around the county for free. The purchase of these items allows us to make higher quality presentations and allows more time for interaction with the audience. The items assist in our ability to participate in more community events and educational programs in an effective manner.

Morgan County Substance Abuse Council purchased the two items in mid-July and have already used them for several presentations. In the next month, September, we have programs planned at WellSpring, Martinsville Youth Development Center, Churches in Mission, Morgan County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Mooresville High School P.A.S.S. program, Stability First and our bi-annual Addictions Conference. At least one or both of these technology items will be utilized at the majority of these programs.

The technology is used to show PowerPoint presentation, YouTube videos, and various curriculums. Some of the curriculum includes, Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR). It is a program to reduce suicidal behaviors and save lives by providing innovative, practical and proven suicide prevention training. This Is Not About Drugs (TINAD), is an in-class, one-hour prevention program for grades 6-12 on the risks of using prescription and illicit opioids,

Botvin LifeSkills is an evidence-based program that teaches youth the skills they need to resist peer pressure and learn healthy coping skills. The program meets the Indiana state standards for elementary, middle, and high school. Our Success Over Stress (SOS) is an evidence-based program designed for adults. This program focuses on effectively recognizing what causes individual stress and how to manage those stressors in a positive way. We also present Be the Majority! which is an environmental strategy designed to address the misconception that all youth are using alcohol, tobacco, and other substances. These programs, along with presentations about alcohol, drugs, vaping, tobacco and mental health are presented regularly throughout the county. The new laptop and projector are very helpful in making these programs easier to deliver, be more interactive and increase the number of people in the community to participate in our programs. In the upcoming months, staff from the Morgan County Substance Abuse Council will also be trained in several new curriculums such as Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid. These pieces of technology will greatly assist in our presentations.

The Community Foundation of Morgan County has helped support our organization with the 2022 Capacity Grant. We are grateful to them for their financial support as well as their everyday support of us and our community.

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