Announcing CFMC’s 2022 Thrive Grant Recipients

This year, in response to our 2019 community assessment survey, CFMC and our board of directors piloted a first-ever community development grant cycle, Thrive. The results of this survey identified our communities’ priorities, challenges, and opportunities for creating healthier, happier communities.  Survey results by hometown and from our youth can be found here: Community Development Survey

The purpose of Thrive is and will be to come alongside our smaller communities and offer a hand-up towards their most pressing needs.  Each of our smaller communities deserves equal funding opportunities that cities like Mooresville and Martinsville receive regularly. Thrive grants are unique in that they are matchmaking grants. The applying organization matches the funds they request in their Thrive grant application. This ensures by-in and sustainability from our communities receiving these grant dollars. We are delighted to announce that this first year was a success, and we look forward to building relationships with our smaller communities so they, too, will thrive.

Please Join Us in Congratulating Our Very First Thrive Grant Recipients:

Martinsville Skate Park Project: $6,000 Towards Design Phase of County’s First-Ever Skate Park

 Funding requested for the design phase of the Martinsville Skatepark Project. This park will provide a safe location for skaters, and will contribute to the physical, mental, and emotional health of those using the park. The park will be open to skaters throughout the area, serve as a place for skaters to come together to hone their skills, and share their love of sport.

 One Book One Town: $4,300 Towards Monrovia Community Engagement and Youth Development

 “One Town, One Book” will address educational access and quality as well as social and community context social determinants of health in Morgan County by inviting the community to participate in our book-inspired events and activities. The collaboration of our high school and our public library will provide outreach opportunities to the entire community. Students will see teachers, community members, and other students reading the novel that they will have the opportunity to read as well. Community members will have the opportunity to participate with students and the school in leading the book-inspired activities at different locations around Monrovia. Every “One Town, One Book” reader will have an immediate common point of discussion and will be able to continue discussing the literary elements associated with the novel for years to come.

You Can Make A Difference!

The best way to get involved in our community is to give! Partner with us at CFMC by donating to IMPACT Grants which provide programs and services to help troubled youth; improve educational programs; address mental health issues; help people break the cycle of poverty; and so much more. 100% of every donated dollar goes back into our community. Anyone can donate at any time! Every dollar counts and when you give each month to help fund these programs and services, lives are being changed for the long-term. We call it Philanthropy with Measurable Impact.

CFMC is a philanthropic leader which means we care about the people in our community. However, we can’t do this work alone. It not only requires a “village” deciding to take action to help others in need, but also identify and find solutions for issues impacting us today and in the future. When all of us do our part, we will start to see growth and positive changes in Morgan County.

Join Us in Making an Impact, today at Impact Grant Making Fund

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