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Your Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) continues to push ourselves as we come alongside our communities to meet evolving needs.  People have a decent understanding of philanthropy, and how donations empower nonprofits and their missions.  The challenge is how we best express the role a community foundation plays within the county’s landscape.  Who we are; what we do; and why it matters.

All 92 counties in the state of Indiana have a community foundation.  While some counties have merged together to form a multi-county foundation, Morgan County has their own.  No community foundation in the state of Indiana competes with each other, for donations or grant dollars.  And likewise, every dollar donated stays local within that specific county.  Every dollar donated to CFMC stays right here in Morgan County and we work to ensure grant dollars fund projects that both meet our communities’ greatest needs and are sustainable.  Read about CFMC’s grants here:

Although we have been in business for 22 years, our mission to connect donors and their charitable giving with Morgan County’s evolving needs constantly keeps us on our toes.  Like many businesses, we too look at how to stay relevant and relatable to community members.  Likewise, philanthropic involvement means something different to each generation.  Our older generations understand legacy gifting and many desire to leave a financial gift with a community foundation, so their philanthropic passions outlive them.  Younger generations understand and value goodwill but would rather donate their time to a charity than reach into an already tight pocketbook.

As we began thinking about how we want to continually stay relevant in Morgan County, we thought it best to create a storytelling video.  Stories connect people, they give us a mutual bond where we share similar values and lifestyles.  There is enough polarization in the world, so we thought what bonds us as a county?  What stories do we share as residents in Morgan County?  And thus, a storytelling video project was underway.  Our goal was to create something that braided together the essence of Morgan County, our rich history, and the role we play as a steadfast philanthropic leader.

So, grab your diet coke, or coffee or beverage of choice and kick back for three and a half minutes.

Watch our video here: This is Morgan County. This is our home.


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