CFMC Finishes 2023 Scholarship Season

Each year, in gratitude to our generous fundholders and philanthropic donors, CFMC awards scholarships to our Morgan County high school seniors. Seniors apply when these applications open in the fall and are evaluated after the deadline in January. Many of CFMC’s fundholders wish to evaluate their applications independently, and others entrust a separate, non-biased volunteer committee to evaluate each year’s scholarships. We are so grateful to our volunteer scholarship committee because they spend hours reading through these students’ applications each year and hearing their hearts and future passions.

Evaluators find it difficult to score and select scholars each year because many of these applicants go above and beyond to ensure their application stands out from others with essays, references, and high school transcripts. These seniors’ successes reflect the diligence and commitment of students’ mentors, school teachers, and administration, and the self-drive and desire to succeed instilled by our Morgan County parents.

We are honored to say that CFMC awarded over $131,000 in scholarships this year. All of the 86 scholarships awarded will be sent directly to these students’ universities for their incoming fall semester. Almost half of our scholarships are for trade career-pursuing students, which proves that a student does not need to have model grades or excel in athletics. Our scholarships range from $500 to $5,000 each. Scholarships are free monies that students will not need to pay back, significantly reducing their financial burden.  The average student loan debt for an Indiana graduate average between $20 – $30k, which equates to longer repayment terms and monies they could otherwise use for future savings and other financial goals. CFMC is honored to be a small part of giving hard-working graduates a hand up in their future career and educational endeavors.

If you know an incoming Morgan County high school senior, tell them to stay tuned when we release our 2024 scholarship applications late this Fall. Each high school guidance office receives these communications, and we empower applicants with a program guide highlighting each scholarship and a step-by-step YouTube tutorial as they apply online.

Here are the 2023 scholarship recipients:

Eminence High School

Eminence Alumni Association Scholarship  = $1,000, Eliza Brancheau, Evan Keeton
Meredith Knieper Scholarship = $2,500, Grace Kemp
Meaghan Buis Memorial Scholarship = $1,500, Nevaya Dickinson
Newburn-Asher Scholarship = $2,000, Eliza Brancheau
Stierwalt Scholarship = $1,000, Nevaya Dickinson, Evan Keeton

Monrovia High School

Cheryl Owens Scholarship = $1,000, Nolan Hendricks
Dorothy Asher Scholarship = $3,000, Brynli Moore, Bailee Smith, Whitney Willett
Mary Kindler Memorial Scholarship = $1,500, Jillian Kriech
Meredith Knieper Memorial Scholarship = $2,500, Allie Swafford
Newburn Asher Scholarship = $2,000, Annabelle Hadley, Maddie Newlin
Porch Time Scholarship = $1,000, Nolan Hendricks
Sergeant Dan Starnes Memorial Scholarship = $1,000, Dorothy Dimmack
Ted and Berta Romine/Monrovia Masonic Lodge #654 Scholarship = $1,000, Liz Coffman

Martinsville High School

Ann Haworth Memorial Scholarship = $1,850, Marissa Boler, Mackenzie Maxwell, Cassie Smith
Barry Schroeder Scholarship = $1,000, Jack Wolff
Bob Staggs Memorial Scholarship = $500, Bri Payne, $1,000 = Brody Staggs
Bob Williamson Scholarship = $500, Molly Stout, Shane Woodard
Dorothy Asher Scholarship = $3,000, Elisia Fellow, Taylor Gee, Kelsey Moore, Rileigh Pierson
Eric Pierce Memorial Scholarship = $1,000, Isabelle Johnson
Freeman Goss Scholarship = $1,000, Molly Stout, Jack Wolff
John E. Koontz Memorial Scholarship = $500, Will Bastin
John R. Wooden Scholastic Scholarship = $1,000, Ryan Pilat, Molly Urban
Judge James E. Harris Scholarship = $600, Marissa Boler
Judy Tedesco Memorial Scholarship and In Tribute to Anna Bowlen = $1,100, Maggie Watkins
Maggie Grounds Scholarship = $ 900, Jack Wolff
Martinsville Memorial Scholarship = $750, Reese Davis, Libby LaFary
Martinsville Rotary Scholarship = $1,300, Maddie MacPhee
Mem. Scholarship in Memory of Dr. Julia Foster & In Tribute to Jeff Hunsucker = $2,000, Maci Dorsett
Meredith Knieper Memorial Scholarship = $2,500, Maci Dorsett
Newburn-Asher Scholarship = $2,000, Fallon Jones, Autumn Onken, Bri Payne, Molly Stout, Maria Stremming, Selah Wolff
Robert D. St. Clair Memorial Scholarship = $500, Jack Wolff
SGT. Dan Starnes Memorial Scholarship  = $1,500, Alyssa Etter
The Koshel Memorial Scholarship = $600, Maci Dorsett, Jessica Golay, Hailey Huser, Logan Jones, Maddie MacPhee, Colin Sears
When G. Hochstetler Scholarship = $500, Cole Snyder, Shane Woodard

Mooresville High School
Benjamin Elo Memorial Scholarship = $5,000, Kenny Curry
Charles F. & Olive B. Flater Scholarship = $1,000, Pierce Allen
Dorothy Asher Scholarship = $3,000, Matt Danielson
Emily Downey Memorial Scholarship = $1,500, Pierce Allen
Gordon Leigh Speer Memorial Scholarship = $2,000, Breanna Mendenhall
Jennifer Tipmore Memorial Scholarship = $500, Pierce Allen
Joe Beikman Scholarship = $1,000, Jacob Fleehearty
Meredith Knieper Memorial Scholarship = $2,500, Kenny Curry
Mooresville H.S. Alumni Scholarship = $2,500, Matt Danielson
Mooresville Kiwanis Curry Overton Memorial Scholarship = $1,000, Maddie Gainey, Timmy Viles, Juliana Wood
Newburn-Asher Scholarship = $2,000, Josi Hair, Kendall Lowry, Addy Stahley
Owen L. Prescott & Dorothea I. Prescott Scholarship = $1,500, Cora Walker
Porch Time Scholarship = $1,000, Kat Thomas
Sara Ryan Memorial Scholarship for Elementary Education = $500, Matt Danielson
Steven Lee Robert Terrell Memorial Scholarship = $1,000, Pierce Allen
TOA USA Scholarship = $1,500, Breanna Mendenhall, Cora Walker
Velma M. Hackelman-Mendenhall Memorial Scholarship= $1,500, Anna Overholser

Thank you to our generous fundholders who entrust their scholarships to CFMC and our donors who make every scholarship happen.  If you want to establish a scholarship for Morgan County students, please contact CFMC at 765-813-0003 or via email at

You can also make an impact by donating here:  Every dollar donated stays local within Morgan County.

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