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Thanks to the generosity of a thoughtful donor, CFMC’s offices have been at 56 N Main St. on Martinsville Square for the last 13 years. During this time, we have hosted community gatherings, held fundholder events, interviewed annual Lilly scholarship finalists, and where we have called our philanthropic work, home. The time has come for CFMC to reevaluate our space, and we no longer have the capacity for the upkeep of our building. This building holds a special place in our hearts as it has been one of our most generous gifts in history. Moving forward, we are progressively addressing how we measure our impact, including managing building expenses and minimizing costs.

As CFMC continues with our strategic plan, we realize the time has come to move on from the physical space we call home. CFMC has long stood beside our community, investing donor dollars into our county’s most pressing needs through grants and scholarships. We are also conveners, change agents, and advocates. You can expect the same level of quality philanthropic work with a different look. Our building is for sale, yet we want you to take comfort that CFMC is and will always stay here in the community. This is our way of operating smarter and delivering the same impactful work you have come to trust.

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