Paul Tedesco Legacy Endowment Fund

My beloved spouse Judy Tedesco passed away in 2022. I was blessed to have her in my life and as my wife for 55 years. She was an intellectually gifted individual who held executive level positions in finance with municipalities in several states. More importantly, Judy was a very gracious, caring and comforting woman. A persona that she exuded throughout her life. Always caring about others. Similarly, Judy had a life-long interest in classical music, choir music, theatrical plays, high school concerts and various other performing arts productions. She avidly attended performances that our granddaughter Anna Bowlen was involved in over the years, particularly during Anna’s time at Martinsville High School. Thus, I decided to establish a commemorative scholarship to honor Judy Tedesco’s memory. And also as a way to acknowledge granddaughter Anna Bowlen’s participation in the performing arts at Martinsville High School. I sought out a resilient template that would provide assistance to Martinsville High School students planning to attend college. CFMC was the venue that I selected. CFMC staff were extremely helpful and sensitive to my emotions and needs. I was satisfied that CFMC was an appropriate way to honor the memory of my beloved wife Judy in the years ahead and, at the very same time, pay tribute to granddaughter Anna. And helping others.

– Paul Tedesco
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