CFMC Scholarships are Now Open Until Jan. 19th

It’s scholarship season for Morgan County high school seniors attending a Morgan County school or residing in Morgan County (such as Indian Creek High School).  We’ve posted the scholarship details on our social media pages and are working with each high school, but we ask you to help us share the news with seniors and their families.

CFMC is proud to offer over 50 scholarships, each ranging from $500 to $5,000 this year.  These dollars come from fundholders in our community to specifically fund students’ higher education costs.  Many scholarships are specifically for trade school students, athletes, or students pursuing a specific field of studies such as social work, engineering, education, sports broadcasting, criminal justice, and even ministry.

Applications are currently being accepted until 4 PM, Friday, January 19, 2024.  For the complete program guide, please visit can apply here for all scholarships offered:

Scholarship funds are awarded directly to a student’s university once they submit their first-semester tuition statement.  We celebrate these scholarship awards in May during the seniors’ high school awards night.

Please share the news and help us make higher education more affordable for our Morgan County seniors!

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