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CFMC Funds At Work: Ready Set Quit Tobacco

Free Support to Stop Smoking is Only a Phone Call Away Written By: Robin Reid, Storyteller/Content Manager Everyone can probably think of one bad habit they would like to quit and when the thought comes to mind, it quickly disappears. Perhaps there’s an inner voice that says, “It’s not really bad after all or it’s […]

CFMC Funds at Work: Brody Pendill Scholarship

Baby Brody Pendill Scholarship – Family Turning Tragedy into Blessings Written By: Robin Reid, Storyteller/Content Manager Although a child’s life may be brief on earth, they can still have a long-term impact that helps people, especially other children, become healthy and productive adults. Just ask BJ Pendill and his wife, Kristina. They continue to honor […]

Tracks4Vets and Indiana VFW Working Together to Help More Veterans

New Partnership Will Provide More Opportunities to Fund Tracked Utility Carriers for Disabled Veterans TRAFALGAR, Indiana, January 10, 2019 –– Tracks4Vets, a 501(c)3, has entered into a partnership with the VFW of Indiana. “This partnership is ideal for the VFW to reach our veterans in a new and relevant way,” said Tracks4Vets Director of Veteran […]

CFMC Brief: What is a Community Foundation?

What Is a Community Foundation and Why Should You Care? Written by: Robin Reid, Storyteller/Content Manager Have you ever dropped your hard-earned money into a bucket during the holidays or helped a door-to-door solicitor raise funds for a project or made an online donation to the work of an organization that “tugs at your heart […]

Your Story. Our Morgan County.

Local Boys & Girls Club Teaching Kids Valuable Life Skills Written by: Robin Reid, Storyteller/Content Manager On any given weekday you’ll find around 75 kids, between the ages of five to 18, having fun in a safe environment where they’re also learning valuable skills to help them become healthy and productive adults in the future. […]

Your Story. Our Morgan County.

PacMoore Putting People Before Profits Written by: Robin Reid, Storyteller/Content Manager We live in a challenging world where people are struggling daily with poverty, death, family struggles, addiction, abuse, and the list goes on. Regardless if our problems have been self-inflicted or due to a circumstance out of our control, everyone deserves a second chance. At […]

CFMC Impact Grants At Work

Fresh Way Farm Teaching Students How To Grow Food Written by: Robin Reid, Storyteller/Content Manager The Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) exists in our community to connect individuals and their families, friends, and neighbors with local nonprofits working on long-term solutions for problems such as poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, etc. When people give, lives […]

Your Story. Our Morgan County.

PROJECT KINDNESS – Using times of personal adversity to show kindness to others. Written by: Robin Reid, Storyteller/Content Manager How do you respond when the doctor tells you that your unborn child has a chromosomal abnormality which means she’ll only live a few hours after birth? Do you curse God? Do you stay in bed […]

Kendrick Foundation Awards $15,160 To Youth First, Inc.

Helping Local Students and Families Build Healthy Relationships and Learn Valuable Life Skills Morgan County, IN – The Kendrick Foundation has awarded a $15,160 grant to Youth First, Inc. to strengthen the social and emotional well-being of students in Martinsville and Mooresville schools. This investment will help Youth First expand its highly impactful model of […]

Mentors Needed – Even One At-Risk Child Is Too Many

Become a CFMC Mentor Today and Change a Life Written by: Robin Reid, Storyteller/Content Manager Not every child in Morgan County has a stable home environment where they’re loved, accepted, encouraged, or have adults to trust and rely on. As a result, some turn to negative influences such as drugs, crime, or dropping out of […]