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Morgan County Economy Slowly Rebounding From COVID-19

Although COVID-19 has created many difficulties for individuals, families, businesses, schools, and more, it hasn’t stopped the need for economic development and growth to ensure Morgan County communities have a future. “During this pandemic, I’ve seen growth projects delayed or canceled. It’s been difficult to engage with people remotely, and there has been a lack […]

Youth First Helping Morgan County Families Get Ready for School

With schools, businesses, governmental agencies, and others shutting down in March and April due to COVID-19, many families struggled to pay their bills, keep food on the table, or tried working from home while helping their kids with e-Learning. Needless to say, this pandemic has created a lot of anxiety, stress, fear, depression, anger, and […]

Giving Locally: Active Grace Offers a Hand Up to People Needing Food

CFMC COVID-19 Emergency Fund in Action The best way we can help individuals and families successfully find their way out of poverty, homelessness, addiction, and other life-altering issues is by building relationships with them and offering resources they can use to change their lives for the better. Since 2013, Active Grace has been helping men […]

News Release: Ed Kominowski Selected as President of Foellinger Foundation

Morgan County, IN – The Foellinger Foundation, a private, charitable organization in Allen County (Ft. Wayne), has chosen Ed Kominowski to be its next President. Kominowski will start his new role on August 1. Since 2014, Kominowski has been the President of the Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) and has provided leadership of Morgan […]

Giving Locally: Eminence Christian Church Food Pantry Provides Nourishment for Body & Soul

CFMC COVID-19 Emergency Fund in Action Throughout history, especially during times of crisis like COVID-19, we find churches often leading the effort to help people in need. Whether it’s providing food, shelter, counseling, or other types of assistance, church doors are open to everyone. It’s the Biblical principle from Matthew 25:35 that motivates many churches […]