The Community Foundation of Morgan County is prioritizing our communities’ greatest needs. By providing programming for K-12 mental health, K-12 Workforce Development, and increasing community development, we can impact the future of Morgan County together! These programs prevent future generational poverty, build successful workforces, and encourage an inclusive community.

K-12 Mental Health

  • There is one mental health provider for every 1669 residents in Morgan County.
  • Morgan County Youth Survey asked, ‘What challenges have you faced at school?” 85% youth answered social acceptance/emotional health; 24% poor quality of education; 32% lack of  relevant/interesting course offerings.

K-12 Workforce Development

  • 76% say continuing education is too expensive to afford.
  • 68% of parents say their child securing a paying job is their top indicator for success versus pursuing college or trade-school.
  • 37.6% of 10th graders did not pass ISTEP English and 64.7% did not pass ISTEP Math.
  • 81% youth reported not participating in any form of career counseling or preparation.


  • 52.2% adults admitted into local hospitals with methamphetamine usage.
  • 36% adults are obese with 52% lacking access to exercise opportunities.
  • 72% residents are concerned most about drug use and trafficking in their neighborhood.
  • 20% of residents do not engage in their community because of lack of awareness.

Data source: CFMC Community Survey (2019) Kendrick Foundation Strategic Planning Statistics (2020) and Department of Education Statistics (2019)