Charles T. Amy Memorial Fund – 1196

Fund Type: Endowment Fund


Fund Description:

Educational scholarships for students who are accepted into and attend accredited two- or four-year public or private institutions of higher learning and are non-smokers

Purpose: To provide an educational scholarship for students who are accepted into and attend a credited two-or-four year public or private institutions of high education.

History: Polly Amy, a Morgan county resident and activist, lost her husband to lung cancer and created this scholarship a way to positively impact young people to encourage them to abstain from smoking or to quit smoking. The scholarship is designed to let high school students in Morgan County to pledge to be non-smokers through high school. Give them a colored wrist band to denote their pledge. Create a non-smoking as a status symbol for high school student in Morgan County. The pledge will allow them to be included in a name pool eligible for scholarships for graduating seniors who are continuing their education. The scholarship ship is known as the “Parents Against Youth Smoking” or PAYS scholarship because it actually pays to not smoke!