Judy Tedesco Memorial Scholarship & in Tribute to Anna Bowlen fund

Fund Description:

Judy TedescoPurpose: For Martinsville High School seniors with a 3.0 or above GPA who participated in or for the performing arts (does not have to be MSD of Martinsville school system’s production), including stagehands and others behind the scene roles.

History: This Performing Arts Scholarship is to honor the memory of Judy Tedesco, who was a patron of the arts and thoroughly enjoyed musical performances, theatre plays, and choir concerts performed by students at Martinsville High School.

Judy loved choir music and classical music. She appreciated the efforts of students who performed in theatre musicals and faithfully followed the performances of her granddaughter Anna Bowlen during her years at the High School. Similarly, Judy appreciated the enjoyable performances of the high school orchestras and various bands, as well as those stagehands and assistants who were vital to establishing the scenery and settings for all performances. Judy Tedesco was a very kind-hearted, caring, comforting, and compassionate person. With that in mind, this Performing Arts Scholarship is intended to carry forth Judy’s legacy for students with their efforts in high school.

The Performing Arts Scholarship is also intended to honor granddaughter Anna Bowlen, whose scholarly endeavors and achievements are a tribute to the education she received at Martinsville High School. It is also a memento of the connection that Judy Tedesco and Anna Bowlen shared through their love of music and the performing arts, and the support and encouragement she received from Grandmother Judy Tedesco during the four-year time period that Anna Bowlen attended Martinsville High School. Anna was an honor student during her high school years and performed in many theatre plays, musicals, concert choirs, and other performing arts endeavors. Anna’s efforts and academic achievements are a template for other students to emulate, as they make their way through their high school years and onto the pathway to their adult years. Anna’s academic achievements were matched by her love of the performing arts and ability to display her talents in many multi-faceted high school entertainment venues.