League of Miracles of Morgan County Fund – 1282

Fund Type: Passthrough Fund


Fund Description:

Purpose: To aid in the establishment and operation of a special regional facility and program to support youth sports participation for children who have mental or physical disabilities.

History: Born from an ESPN segment in 2008, a few members of our Central Indiana community took it upon themselves to create this special complex. After forming an official board, The League of Miracles was for real! Once the group was set, it was time to decide how this project was going to happen. After more than a year of hard work and a few location changes, the league secured its location in a new sports complex just East of Mooresville. Now that the league had found a location, it was on to finish raising the nearly $1,000,000 needed to complete the project. After a few successful events, including the Mooresville Kiwanis Club, The Kendrick Foundation, and the Indianapolis Colts, the league was able to secure the funds to build the first phase of the construction, the field! Completed in September of 2012, the field (along with the fencing, dugouts, parking, etc…) saw its first game in the following month, October of 2012. Now, in 2013, the league of Miracles is poised to have its first full season as well as secure the $300-$400K needed to finish the restroom/concession/recreation center needed to complete the project.