Mt. Olive Manufacturing – Mooresville High School Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Fund – 1083

Fund Type: Passthrough Fund


Fund Description:

To consciously and intentionally introduce the basics of technological and mechanical skill development into a student’s educational experience into kindergarten through sixth-graders in Morgan County

Purpose: Steve and Lisa Langley, owners of Mt. Olive Manufacturing, created this fund in order to support Northwood Elementary School’s technical and mechanical education programs. Entitled, “Project Lead the Way,” Northwood Elementary is part of the Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation. The Langleys believe that experience-based education at an early age creates the necessary contact children need with technology and mechanics. This familiarity fosters skill development and a greater interest in continued education in secondary and post-secondary work-force education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

History: In 2013, Mt. Olive Manufacturing’s owners were approached by Mooresville High School teacher A.J. McAdams with the idea that the local business might be interested in supporting the efforts now underway at Mooresville High School to improve their STEM Program. The financial support provided by Mt. Olive Manufacturing made a tremendous impact on the ability Mr. McAdams and other Mooresville High School faculty have to utilize the type of equipment and technology needed to facilitate an advanced learning environment. A.J. McAdams said, “To watch these students be so creative is amazing. They are so great at taking these projects where they have to think and experiment so they can manufacture a product.”