Quality of Life of Morgan County Fund – 1226

Fund Type: Passthrough Fund

Fund Description:

Purpose: Provide financial support to the Quality of Life Morgan County organization and their charitable activities.Patients experiencing the challenges of cancer or other chronic diseases and their families can often require social services and financial support for a wide range of unexpected items including medical costs, coverage gaps not covered by insurance, transportation, food, utility bills, and other necessary items. Quality of Life Morgan County raises funds to help those in need

Scope: This support would include, but is not limited to assistance with medical expenses done before treatment can begin. Other possible expenses may include gas for travel to treatment facilities, food, utility bills, medication, etc.

Policy Statement: Expenditures, excluding medication, will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the QoL Board of Directors. Medical costs over $300 will be reviewed by the board, while monies for medications less than $300 can be evaluated and dispersed with the approval of two board members. Any out of county requests must be approved by a board majority. When possible all other means of available assistance must be exhausted before QoL assistance is granted.