Standing with Orphans Fund – 1243

Fund Type: Passthrough Fund

Fund Description:

To help raise funds for children in orphanages in Myanmar.

Purpose: The Chin State Orphanage Mission Fund has been established to fund a religious mission to improve the lives of children who live in orphanages in the Chin State of Burma, also known as Myanmar, in Southeastern Asia. The fund has been established by concerned local citizens in order for donors in and around Morgan County, Indiana to improve the lives and safety of the children living in these orphanages.

The Chin State Mission Fund supports 7 Christian house orphanages in Chin State and the border area of Kalaymio in Myanmar. These orphanages are supported by providing orphans with bags of rice, mosquito bed nets and occasionally other necessities. Funds are sent to each orphanage 3-4 times a year to purchase the many bags of rice needed to feed the children.

These orphanages are not state-funded and have no outside help. Consequently, this fund was started in 2013 in an effort to support these children. Initially, aid went to one orphanage, but with the help of donors on this page seven orphanages now receive the food and necessities needed for a better quality of life, which includes enough rice for three daily meals and mosquito netting for each child’s bed. The number of children this fund feeds has risen from 23 children in 2013 to nearly 100 children presently. Photographs are taken at each orphanage after they receive their rice bags, and added to the Chin State Orphanages Fund Facebook Page to show donors where the money is being used.

Currently, all seven of our orphanages have been given mosquito netting for every child and 3 meals of rice a day. In this region, before this committee, these children only received two meals a day of rice and a few vegetables. Additionally, the orphanages could not afford mosquito netting to cover the children while sleeping. Most children slept on the floor, as beds are too expensive. The Asian Tiger Mosquito causes the death of millions each year from the spread of many diseases. Now, these children are protected at night as they sleep.