Indiana Hearing Health Foundation Operating Endowment Fund – 1025

Fund Type: Endowment Fund


Fund Description:

Area Sertomans have banded together to establish the Indiana Hearing Health Foundation, Inc. in or near Martinsville, Indiana to serve the hearing health issues and educational needs of the public on the issues surrounding hearing health

Indiana Hearing Health Foundation was established as a non-profit in February 2013 by a group of Sertomans and area citizens who recognized a large population in our communities were in need of accessible and affordable hearing health services and support and were not being served.

Our vision is to be a center of excellence for hearing health resources for ALL! We believe no one should be turned away due to financial or logistical limitations. We passionately feel it is quite an important medical issue that impacts the quality of life of not only the individual with needs but our communities as a whole.

Through the development of sponsor based and for-fee-services, we are building sustainable funding for the resources necessary to provide services and supports.