Steve Carrell Endowment for the Arts – 1180

Fund Type: Endowment Fund


Fund Description:

Purpose: To provide support for the ongoing enrichment and viability of the arts in Morgan County, with a preference for the visual arts. Support shall include: grants for art awards at local festivals, grants for the development of the arts curriculum and arts enrichment activities in Morgan County schools, scholarship support for students wishing to pursue academic studies in the field of the arts, fellowship support for art students traveling to study great works of arts, grants and underwriting for lectures, visiting artists, artists-in-residence for the benefit of Morgan County student and residents, grants for arts festivals, and other worthwhile endeavors that serve to enrich the arts in Morgan County.

History: Stephen Eugene Carrell was born on February 9, 1944, in Martinsville, Indiana and was raised in Morgan County, and graduated from Martinsville High School in 1962. Steve studied art from an early age first under the tutelage Antonius Raemaekers and then went on to study art at the John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis from 1962-1964 and further at Indiana State University from 1964-1965. Steve served as a free-lance artist throughput his adult life and did many commissioned works of art. As well as many gifts of art, for friends, family and organizations throughout Morgan County and central Indiana. Steve will always be remembered by his loving family and friends for his generosity toward others and his joy for life, and the way in which his art seemed to become an outlet of expression for that generosity and joy.