Tracks for Vets – 1327

Fund Type: Passthrough Fund


Fund Description:


To provide funds for the purchase of TUC, tracked utility carriers, for service-connected disabled veterans who qualify and have expressed interest in receiving a TUC.

The Tracks4Vets program was established to make it easier for willing sponsors to connect with the veterans that have expressed interest in receiving a TUC, Tracked Utility Carrier to help them get back to living a more active lifestyle.


The TUC (tracked utility carrier) provides freedom and flexibility to Service-Connected Disabled Veterans. The TUC was designed for “utility” as well as mobility. Ring-Co, the creators of the TUC, believe that providing this newfound ability will be instrumental in saving lives by getting Veterans out from behind walls and active outdoors again.

There’s no better way to say thank you to a veteran than giving them back their own freedom.

The TUC is the solution for the veterans that suffer from bodily injuries sustained during service. This tracked utility carrier was born from strong belief, compassionate ingenuity, and a carefully balanced mix of desperation and hope. As an all-terrain carrier vehicle, it is designed to transport its rider over dirt, sand, grass, mud, snow, and more. But it goes beyond getting someone from Point A to Point B. The TUC is truly focused on utility and re-abilitating its user. With various features like towing power for pushing and pulling tool attachments, 23 HP air-cooled gasoline engine, extended battery life, and its patented Quick-Attach System, the TUC becomes more than a chair – it becomes a tool. This vehicle helps complete seemingly mundane tasks, like mowing the yard or plowing snow, that veterans may have deemed impossible after being wounded. Not only does it help them complete everyday chores, but it can also aid with recreational hobbies and interests. No longer will a veteran have to miss a fishing trip or a family hike because they’re not able to keep up; the TUC can comfortably support its rider as they take on familiar activities and new adventures.

A TUC with standard features costs $24,900. Our goal is to raise the funds to purchase TUCs for 20 service-disabled veterans who have expressed the interest in receiving a TUC.

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