Tracks for Vets – 1327

Fund Type: Passthrough Fund

Fund Description:


Tracks4VetsTM is a fund working to connect veterans, civilians, corporations, and nonprofits to come alongside veterans on their path to healing. We strive to meet the basic need to be known, valued, and respected through offering purpose, hope, and community. Our mission is accomplished by providing resources and experiences along three paths, or “tracks:”

Vocation: Work gives us purpose. Tracks4Vets grants tools, specifically the TUC compact tool carrier, and experiences to veterans to allow them to fill the need to perform a job and fulfill a purpose, whether that work is volunteer, employment, or entrepreneurship.

Wellness: Balanced nutrition, fitness, and discipline gives us hope. Tracks4Vets grants wellness memberships or subscriptions and alternative healing methods such as therapy dogs customized to each veteran’s needs.

Support: Healing is about community. Tracks4Vets grants veterans hunting and fishing excursions, and opportunities to come together as a family to serve, volunteer, be an ambassador for a veteran, or just hang out. 



Call: 877-717-1012