Impact Grants provide funding for innovative projects and initiatives that bring transformative solutions to our community’s most pressing needs.

2022 Timeline for Impact Grants

  • July 6th (Wednesday): Letter of Intent for Impact Grants Open at 9 a.m.
  • August 3rd (Wednesday): Letter of Intent for Impact Grants Close at 4 p.m.
  • August 19th: Notification to applicants to apply for Full Grant Request.
  • By October 3rd (Monday): Full Grant Applications are due by 4 p.m.
  • October 21st (Friday): Notification of Grants Awards sent by Email with Grant Agreement
  • By November 4th (Friday): Grant Agreements signed and due to CFMC by 4 p.m.
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IMPACT GRANTS – You Can Make a Difference!

Students at Charles L. Smith Fine Arts Academy

The best way to get involved in our community is to give! Partner with us at CFMC by donating to IMPACT Grants which provide programs and services to help troubled youth; improve educational programs; address mental health issues; help people break the cycle of poverty; and so much more.  100% of every donated dollar goes back into our community and with the help of Lilly Endowment all donations will be matched $2 for $1!  Anyone can donate at any time! Every dollar counts and when you give each month to help fund these programs and services, lives are being changed for the long-term.  We call it Philanthropy with Measurable Impact.

CFMC is a philanthropic leader which means we care about the people in our community. However, we can’t do this work alone. It not only requires a “village” deciding to take action to help others in need, but also identify and find solutions for issues impacting us today and in the future. When all of us do our part, we will start to see growth and positive changes in Morgan County.

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Impact Grants

CFMC requires all Impact Grant recipients to report their outcomes at the end of each funding period. Each organization meets with CFMC staff to identify metrics and measurement tools to help show Return of Investment (ROI) for their grants and see the impact they’re making in our community.

2020 Impact Grants

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Impact Grant dollars were distributed among all Morgan County School systems in hopes of keeping our youth and school staff safe and healthy.  These dollars were used at the school’s discretion to provide support to our students during this troubling time.  Schools reported using the grant money for sanitation supplies, student internet travel devices, and other costs associated with keeping our youth resilient.  The following school systems received the following grant amounts in total of $23,000:

  • Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation – $8,937.73
  • MSD of Martinsville – $8,359.91
  • Monroe Gregg School District – $3,073.50
  • Eminence Community Schools – $717.15
  • Ninevah-Hensley-Jackson School Corporation – $1,294.97
  • Tabernacle Christian School – $616.75

2019 Impact Grants

To provide financial assistance in housing and utility costs for those living below the poverty line in Morgan County.  Assistance was provided to families who are working but having to chose between keeping the lights on or feeding their family.  While CFMC only provided partial funding, the program through Churches in Mission served 1,904 unique families in obtaining assistance in 2018.

Education can be hard for any youth, but especially those who are in constant crisis while being homeless.  CFMC provided a grant to help with a homework club for 14 youth members living at Wellspring.  Not only did the homework club help with school assignments but it also focused on helping with 21st Century Scholarship Applications, FASFA applications for assistance with college tuition, exercise and nutrition, and financial literacy.  Teaching our children to be financially responsible will help the leaders of tomorrow end the cycle of poverty.

Studies have shown that students who participate in hands on learning retain more information than traditional course work.  Aquaponics is the growing of fish (aquaculture) combined with the production of plants (agriculture) in a symbiotic process that produces high quality food using less water and space and in shortened time frames than traditional growing methods.  The labs will educate students about a system that has helped to alleviate the problems of food deserts, provide job opportunities, and with a relatively low overhead and initial outlay for materials, also encourage entrepreneurship.  Because of these three systems in our local schools, 2,272 students were exposed to agriculture education. 

Not all youth have hope and the self confidence that they can have a successful future, especially those living in poverty.  The program at MYDC focuses on improving Morgan County youth mentally and physically by teaching self-esteem, communication, fitness, teamwork skills, nutrition, and conflict resolution. The program partners with Bradford Woods, MSD of Martinsville, IU Health Morgan, and Strength School.  At the end of the program 66.7% of students stated they felt better about themselves, 25.9% improved their BMI measurement, and 37% improved socially and emotionally.  Every child deserves the change to hope for a better life!

Gleaners’ School-Based Pantry program aims to help alleviate chronic hunger and its symptoms through the provision of nutritious food to food-insecure students and their families at Monrovia Schools.  During the 2017-2018 school year, the Bulldog Blessings Pantry served a total of 4,035 individuals, including a population of 2,062 children under the age of eighteen.  Final reports stated that site coordinators reported students complained less about hunger letting them focus on school and improved in overall attendance.

2018 Impact Grants

N.O.A.H. Program


Very few places like Bradford Woods exist in our state and our county has an amazing place where we can call home. In partnership with Indiana University, we are proud to support the creation of a pediatric health institute that will benefit all kids In Morgan County from K-12. Kids will spend time at Bradford Woods doing a multitude of outdoor classes, healthy eating, leadership training, and personal growth exercises combined with world-class teachers from Bloomington.

Sprouting Community Gardens


Have you been to the STEM Academy? It is an amazing place where learning takes a hands-on approach. Students learn with iPads while sitting on bouncing balls. This new way to teach is already having amazing results. With a community garden, the school and it’s Brooklyn community work together. Classes learn how to care for nature while the community helps nurture the students’ academic accomplishments. The production from the garden is given to students who get a “taste” of what they seeded.

Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc.


What would you do if there was no food in your pantry? Like many of us, we would go to the local store and refill our shelves. Unfortunately, in our rural county, many of our minimum-wage working community members cannot make ends meet after paying rent and utilities so they find their finances short in being able to stock up on the basic essentials to feed a family. Food issues are common in our county and the pantry helps families get by with a hand up, not a handout.


Smith Elementary is now the first art academy in Morgan County. Kids learn math, science and reading through a lens of fun in the arts. Learning cannot be confused with play time as students practice their lessons while listening to Mozart. The academy is a wonderful
way to introduce our young people to the power of the arts for the rest of their lives.

2017 Impact Grants

Become a Better You


Sprouting Community Gardens


Building Community on the Ball Field


Bulldog Blessings School-Based Pantry


Morgan County Say it Straight Pilot


ReadUP in Morgan County


Stability for Martinsville Families


2016 Impact Grants

N.O.A.H. Network:

A Nutrition, Outdoor Activity, and Health Program for Youth


Discovery Space Public Engagement & STEM Education


Sheltering the Arts


Financial Stability for Martinsville Families


Morgan County Parents On Board Pilot Program


Monrovia School-Based Pantry


“Fine Arts Meet Education” Transitioning Charles L. Smith Elementary to a Fine Arts Academy


Stirrup Success


Ellie’s Hope 2017


Capacity Grants

The CFMC requires all Capacity Grant recipients to report on outcomes at the end of the funding period. Each organization meets with CFMC staff to identify metrics and measurement tools that can help show the ROI for each grant. See the impact that they are making in our community!

Bridging the Wireless Access Gap


Life isn’t always fair, but for Morgan County students, they simply are fighting with one hand behind their back. In today’s society, access to the internet will determine a student’s ability to learn, master academics and expand their horizons. We understand this critical need and funded “hotspots” so students could check them out from the library and use at home. No child deserves
to be left behind simply because of where they live.

Field improvements


You are who you associate with and become like your friends. Being involved in youth sports is a pivotal moment in a child’s life. Our kids learn teamwork, self-confidence and how to overcome obstacles. Artesian Little League and all the future leaders who play baseball deserve a top-notch place to play. Taking pride in how they play the game also means having pride in where you play.

Mobile Garden Classroom


Kids learn in a variety of ways and hands-on has proven to be the best! We all remember what it was like to experience our first science project and the mobile garden classroom brings science chapters to life. Thanks to a dedicated team, students in Morgan County can now experience the a lifecycle that makes our earth grow.

MSD of Martinsville DARE Program


For years, we have asked our kids to “stay off drugs”. However, programs that support these efforts have decreased with funding. It is important for our children to realize that saying “no” is what the majority of us do and it is cool to skip drugs and alcohol for better choices in life. We can teach them that peer pressure is really all about standing up for what is good in our community, and their future.

2017 Capacity Grants

of Morgan County Upgrade office equipment


Computers and related support


New Music


Sensory/Calm Bottles


New Student Kits


Bridging the Wireless Access Gap


Funding Study $1,750

Mobile Garden Classroom


Field improvements


Community Child Sex Abuse Prevention


DARE Program