The CFMC requires all Impact Grant recipients to report on outcomes at the end of the funding period. Each organization meets with CFMC staff to identify metrics and measurement tools that can help show the ROI for each grant. See the impact that they are making in our community! 

Indiana University (Bradford Woods)

N.O.A.H. Program


Very few places like Bradford Woods exist in our state and our county has an amazing place where we can call home. In partnership with Indiana University, we are proud to support the creation of a pediatric health institute that will benefit all kids In Morgan County from K-12. Kids will spend time at Bradford Woods doing a multitude of outdoor classes, healthy eating, leadership training, and personal growth exercises combined with world-class teachers from Bloomington.



Brooklyn STEM Academy

Sprouting Community Gardens


Have you been to the STEM Academy? It is an amazing place where learning takes a hands-on approach. Students learn with iPads while sitting on bouncing balls. This new way to teach is already having amazing results. With a community garden, the school and it’s Brooklyn community work together. Classes learn how to care for nature while the community helps nurture the students’ academic accomplishments. The production from the garden is given to students who get a “taste” of what they seeded.



Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc.

Bulldog Blessings School-Based Pantry


What would you do if there was no food in your pantry? Like many of us, we would go to the local store and refill our shelves. Unfortunately, in our rural county, many of our minimum-wage working community members cannot make ends meet after paying rent and utilities so they find their finances short in being able to stock up on the basic essentials to feed a family. Food issues are common in our county and the pantry helps families get by with a hand up, not a handout.



Charles L. Smith Elementary, MSD of Martinsville “Fine Arts Meet Education”


Smith Elementary is now the first art academy in Morgan County. Kids learn math, science and reading through a lens of fun in the arts. Learning cannot be confused with play time as students practice their lessons while listening to Mozart. The academy is a wonderful
way to introduce our young people to the power of the arts for the rest of their lives.



Indiana University (Bradford Woods)
N.O.A.H. Network:
A Nutrition, Outdoor Activity, and Health Program for Youth


Link Observatory Space Science Institute
Discovery Space Public Engagement & STEM Education


Martinsville Arts Council
Sheltering the Arts


Churches in Mission
Financial Stability for Martinsville Families


Centerstone of Indiana
Morgan County Parents On Board Pilot Program


Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc.
Monrovia School-Based Pantry


Charles L. Smith Elementary, MSD of Martinsville
“Fine Arts Meet Education” Transitioning Charles L. Smith Elementary to a Fine Arts Academy

Crossing School of Business & Entrepreneurship
Stirrup Success


Ellie’s Hope
Ellie’s Hope 2017






Martinsville Youth Development Center
Become a Better You


Brooklyn STEM Academy
Sprouting Community Gardens


Artesian Little League, Inc. (ALL)
Building Community on the Ball Field


Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc.
Bulldog Blessings School-Based Pantry


Morgan County Say it Straight Pilot


United Way of Central Indiana
ReadUP in Morgan County


Churches in Mission
Stability for Martinsville Families

The CFMC requires all Capacity Grant recipients to report on outcomes at the end of the funding period. Each organization meets with CFMC staff to identify metrics and measurement tools that can help show the ROI for each grant. See the impact that they are making in our community! 

Morgan County Public Library

Bridging the Wireless Access Gap

Life isn’t always fair, but for Morgan County students, they simply are fighting with one hand behind their back. In today’s society, access to the internet will determine a student’s ability to learn, master academics and expand their horizons. We understand this critical need and funded “hotspots” so students could check them out from the library and use at home. No child deserves
to be left behind simply because of where they live.



Artesian Little League
Field improvements

You are who you associate with and become like your friends. Being involved in youth sports is a pivotal moment in a child’s life. Our kids learn teamwork, self-confidence and how to overcome obstacles. Artesian Little League and all the future leaders who play baseball deserve a top-notch place to play. Taking pride in how they play the game also means having pride in where you play.


Morgan County Soil & Water Conservation District

Mobile Garden Classroom

Kids learn in a variety of ways and hands-on has proven to be the best! We all remember what it was like to experience our first science project and the mobile garden classroom brings science chapters to life. Thanks to a dedicated team, students in Morgan County can now experience the
a lifecycle that makes our earth grow.



Martinsville Police Department

MSD of Martinsville DARE Program

For years, we have asked our kids to “stay off drugs”. However, programs that support these efforts have decreased with funding. It is important for our children to realize that saying “no” is what the majority of us do and it is cool to skip drugs and alcohol for better choices in life. We can teach them that peer pressure is really all about standing up for what is good in our community, and their future.

The CFMC aims to enhance the quality of life for current and future Morgan County residents. Through competitive grants, we strive to partner with strong community organizations and help leverage resources to create lasting impact. The foundation aims to support creative approaches to community needs by providing grants which will benefit a wide range of people.


Capacity Grants help organizations become more efficient and effective. These grants help you do the work you are already doing. This includes materials, equipment, technology, and expenditures that provide for growing needs. Note that this is not just general operating support; these are specific one-time grants.

Tax-exempt organizations serving Morgan County residents are eligible to apply for up to $2,000 in Capacity Grant funding. While there is no formal limitation on how often an organization can apply, we do strive to be good stewards of Capacity Grant funding and must consider the frequency of an organization’s requests when making award determinations.



Applications are open on a rolling basis and are due by the 15th day of each month. If awarded, grantees can expect checks to be mailed by the 15th day of the following month. Applicants who do not receive funding will also be notified within 30 days.


Apply online at




We are happy to discuss your eligibility or provide feedback before you submit the final application.

The online form will ask you to provide a narrative explanation of your request, a line-item budget for your request, an operating budget for your organization, a tax-exempt determination letter (when applicable), and a roster of key personnel and directors. We may contact applicants requesting more clarification or more detailed information.


Please note that requests of more than $10,000 can be made through our Impact Grant program. Applications for the next Impact Grant cycle will open late summer and are typically due mid-September.


The following aspects, among others, are considered when making all grant decisions:

  • Does the application meet the eligibility requirements? Does it impact Morgan County?
  • Does the request align with established CFMC funding priorities?
  • Is there a clearly stated impact of the request? Is it feasible?
  • Is the request unique from other existing services or opportunities in Morgan County?
  • Does the organization collaborate and cooperate with other community institutions?
  • Is the organization fiscally responsible?
  • Can the organization obtain any additional funding needed?
  • Can the organization sustain the program into the future, when applicable?
  • Is the request proactive in addressing solutions to problems, rather than symptoms?


Tips for Strong Applications

  • Partner with another agency or organization to leverage resources and areas of expertise
  • Share existing metrics or evidence that show your current impact
  • Look for less conventional ways to address issues or seek opportunities
  • Revamp a current project or build on programs in other communities that are working
  • Engage your stakeholders in the process of exploring new directions and opportunities; involve people with a variety of perspectives that might lead to novel ideas or solutions
  • Determine the administrative costs associated with adequately monitoring program effectiveness, and include them in your proposal



What We Fund

  • Non-profit organizations impacting Morgan County: We do approve grant applications from organizations whose headquarters are located outside the county if a significant number of persons who will be served reside in Morgan County. Only 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and organizations that are exempt from filing for a 501(c)(3) status (units of government, school corporations, and religious organizations) are eligible. Organizations may submit multiple applications for different programs and may apply for different types of grants.
  • Programs or projects requesting grant money to be spent within the November 1, 2016 through July 15, 2017 grant period (for Program Grants and Matching Grants).
  • Organizations that enrich the social, civic, cultural, economic, and physical environment of Morgan County. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Arts and Culture
  • Citizenship
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Human Services
  • Recreation


What We Do Not Fund

  • Individuals: Individuals wishing to apply must do so with the cooperation of a non-profit organization, and the organization must submit the application.
  • Organizations with outstanding grant reports due to CFMC. Programs with open grants may still apply, but, if approved, no further funds will be issued towards that program until all prior grants are properly closed.
  • Projects that do not serve Morgan County citizens
  • Projects normally fully funded by units of local government
  • Projects to build or fund an endowment
  • Religious activities or programs that serve or appear to serve predominantly one denomination and not the community at large
  • Political organizations or campaigns
  • National and state fundraising efforts which do not directly benefit local agencies or chapters
  • Projects that could be considered discriminatory
  • Projects operated by for-profit companies


Habitat for Humanity
of Morgan County Upgrade office equipment


The Haven Youth Center
Computers and related support


Martinsville Community Band
New Music


Project Kindness
Sensory/Calm Bottles


Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation
New Student Kits


Morgan County Public Library
Bridging the Wireless Access Gap


Jackson Center for Conductive Education
Funding Study $1,750


Morgan County Soil & Water Conservation District
Mobile Garden Classroom


Artesian Little League
Field improvements


Project Kindness Inc.
Community Child Sex Abuse Prevention



Martinsville Police Department MSD of Martinsville
DARE Program

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