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Liquid assets such as cash, check, credit card, and money order.

Gifts of stocks and bonds can be processed quickly with help from our staff and financial advisors. For highly appreciated stock, you will not pay capital gains, and your tax deduction will be based on the market value of the shares.

Donors who are 70 and ½ years old can direct any or all their required minimum distribution to the CFMC, and you won’t pay income taxes on the amount donated.

Gifts of real estate may include homes, land, or rental properties. The tax deduction is based on the appraised value of the property.


Leaving a legacy in our community through one’s will can be an important way to reduce estate taxes. A donor can leave a share of an estate or a specific dollar amount.

A donor can assign the policy and beneficiary rights to the CFMC. The tax deduction will be for the present cash value of the policy. If the donor continues to pay the annual premiums, these are also tax deductible.

The IRA that helps a donor face retirement year will be significantly reduced by income and estate taxes before it reaches their heirs. By naming the CFMC as the beneficiary, all the assets will be used to benefit the community or favorite organization. 

If a donor is the beneficiary of a trust that pays a regular income, a portion of this income may be assigned to the CFMC. The donor pays no further tax on this income and may take an income tax deduction for the value of the assignment.

Have a question about giving?  Contact our office and speak with Brittani Bentley.