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Back by popular demand, your favorite Podcast IMPACTs! Thank you for making time to listen to our stories of how individuals and organizations are making a positive difference in Morgan County. Each of us can do our part to improve quality of life in our community and help others change their circumstances. Partner with CFMC today!

Chris Page – Everyone can do something to help people in need

Jeff Main - The Arts Can Bring a Community Closer Together

Nicole Kendall - League of Miracles provides fun and hope to special needs families

Bruce Calloway - Duke Energy providing more than electricity to local communities

Jim Hess - Positive changes are happening in Morgan County

Craig Fenneman - Philanthropic giving changes lives and communities

Dan Moore - Home Bank Paying It Forward to Community

Randy Taylor - Teachers and Parents Working Together Set Students Up for Success

State Senator Rod Bray - Mental health education and services needed for K-12 students

Chip Keller - New businesses needed for Morgan County’s future

Ron Tedrow - More Mentors Needed for At-Risk Youth

Julie Carmichael - Helping hospitals connect with communities

Keith Lindauer - Citizens Bank invests in local communities

BJ Pendill - Changing lives one child at a time

Stephen Crane - Returning home to family

Neal McNalley – Mentors needed at Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County

Greg McCauley – Link Observatory connecting students to science

Bill Moore – Putting people first

Gary Oakes – Get involved in your community

Dr. Michele Moore – Schools Partnering with CFMC to Address Childhood Trauma

Jod Woods – What is means to be Philanthropic

Ed Kominowski – I Am Responsible to my Community With Todd Huff

“First I want to personally welcome you to our new podcast; Podcast IMPACT, where I’m sitting down with philanthropic leaders to talk about responsibility to our community. It takes everyone to build, develop, and create a place that we can thrive and see growth for years to come. Take a listen when new episodes become available, I think you will be curious to see how you can make an IMPACT, too! ” – Ed Kominowski

Ed Kominowski on the Todd Huff Radio Show

Executive Director, Ed Kominowski discusses how “i” can make an IMPACT in my Community. Back in September we sat and talked with Todd Huff about Philanthropy with Measurable Impact.

The CFMC realizes that social return on investment is important! It helps us to know who our donors are, goals of the community at large, and moving the needle to create impact for generations of tomorrow.

CFMC is leading the dialogue that we as donors should invest in ideas which create dynamic social capital and that every person has value, in particular, our young people. People are not numbers. We know them as neighbors along with every family and see the impact our grants create on the many issues surrounding our community.

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